Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Thinking ahead

Later in the year I will be taking another holiday for a couple of months. While I have some vague plans to visit a few repositories in other lands the focus of this trip will be visiting new places; my travel bucket list promises to shrink a bit!

What of my blogs?  Blogging advice sites suggest that one needs to post regularly and consistently to maintain connections with one's readers.

I will have to let Android Genealogy languish as it is basically a news and notifications blog. I will post to this when I find something newsworthy and an internet connection at the same time.

Although I cannot maintain my regular posting routine with Geniaus I like to have at least one post per week scheduled before I take off on a trip. The time to organise this is not in the week prior to leaving but as far ahead as possible so I am already scheduling posts for October, November and December.

Where will I find subject matter for these posts?

I will turn to the Daily Blogging Prompts at Geneabloggers and use some of these.
I will look for inspiration in Amy Coffin's Big Genealogy Blog Book.
I will find some photos in my stash with unidentified people for "Do you know?" posts.
I'll have a look at an International Days list and see if something there ignites my interest.
My diary may give me ideas for "On this day in ---- posts".
I can search my family site for BDMs and other events that occurred on any given date.
From my collection of digital photos, many of which are dated, I can find photos of the ancestors to share.
I can share some articles from Trove that relate to members of my family.
I could even repost some of my more popular posts for new readers to enjoy.

Now I just need to find the time to act like a boy scout and "Be Prepared."

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Celia Lewis said...

A great plan, Jill! I foresee in your future a book full of wonderful blog postings... these are all great ideas. Funny how busy we are even though retired from 'work' - I swear I'm busier now than ever! Thanks for posting.


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