Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Back on Track

I had a comment on this blog post, "The Geneabloggers' Geneameme", from one of my favourite Australian Geneabloggers, Pauleen Cass 

"Were we all too preoccupied with A to Z or Anzac Day to reply? It sounded like fun,but my creative thoughts have run dry at present. Have you had further thoughts?"

Yes, Pauleen the busyness of life took over. I had anticipated putting the meme together before my holiday but it just didn't happen. I still intend to create this challenge.

Mr and Mrs Geniaus on holiday with a little Geniaus
For the past week I have been concentrating on the living family by taking a holiday with my youngest child and her family in Western Australia.

As we were driving through a small country town Mr Geniaus said "There's a cemetery, don't you have some family members in there?" My retort was that "This is not genealogy time, it is family time."

Now I am home safe and sound I will be once more concentrating on the dead. My first  task is to finish off my presentation for Friday evening at Hornsby Library then I will return to my normal routine.

Do you take enough time out from Genealogy to concentrate on the living family?


Anonymous said...

I hope you had a great time with your living family. We're lucky that we have 2 daughters and all 3 grandchildren in Darwin so we see them regularly. The rest of our friends and family are far away and subject to the whirlwind trips interstate or elsewhere. Meanwhile emails, Skype or phone make it possible to link up.

You made an important point that we need to not get lost in those papers, blogs, internet and archives.

Fi said...

Yes, that would be why I've not blogged this week ;)


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