Monday, May 14, 2012

Just what I need

Recently I decided to give Evernote a go. I have the app on 3 devices and am happily clipping away but that is as far as I have gone.

Apart from wishing that I could easily export my Delicious links into Evernote I haven't done much exploration.
I just read this article and have resolved to explore further.

5 Cool Features That Prove Evernote Is Still A Kick-Ass Service

Post Script
On rereading this post I realised that I have four devices - need to pop Evernote on my Android  'phone as well.

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Rosemary said...

I've used Evernote since Release 2 when it was just a stand-alone PC program. I didn't upgrade to release 3 because one of the features I really used (the ability to embed links from one note to another) wasn't included with the original release.
I may have to re-think this if they've included my favourite feature.


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