Friday, May 25, 2012

Follow Friday - Not Genie Blogs This Time

I am still getting comments about the Top 50 genealogy blogs article that was published recently in Inside History Magazine.

While the blogs on that list and others in a similar vein comprise a major part of my daily reading regime I do not confine myself to reading genealogy blogs. How boring and limiting that would be!

I regularly read a whole host of blogs that in my RSS folders: Books, Technology, Education, Travel and Interesting. Much of the information I glean from these blogs can be applied to genealogy, some resources described are suitable for genealogy and some of the ideas contained in them  give me inspiration for my blog posts. Reading broadly certainly enhances my genealogical knowledge.

A Selection of my Favourites for Follow Friday (in no particular order) follows:

Behind Ballet  I love our Australian Ballet and enjoy reading about news and history

Bite the Book From Pages and Pages a beaut Sydney Bookshop Word of the Day  Always trying to grow my vocabulary

Digital Inspiration Technology Blog Amit from India has great tips

Evernote Blogcast Helpiing me learn to use this tool effectivley

Free Technology for Teachers  Highlights fabulous resources

Learning in the Social Workplace  Social is now

Librarians are go A former colleague - Stacey is a leading light in the Teacher Librarian Community

Misrule  I love Children's Literature

Social Media Examiner  Practical suggestions

Thru My Lens  Occasional Aussie photos and anecdotes

What are your favourite non-genealogy blogs?


Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

Thanks Jill for some good tips. I may have to follow suit next week.

Julie Goucher said...

Just read Pauline's post & then worked backwards to yours. Guess, I am hooked, a post of my favourite non genealogical blogs up soon.


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