Our blogging mates in the United States are required to have a disclosure statement on their blog sites. The Federal Trade Commission requires bloggers to have a Disclosure statement - those who don't disclose affiliations can be fined for positive product reviews.

I think that it is important to be transparent and have such a statement. In Australia it is possible for bloggers to write favourably about products from which they may receive a financial benefit. I believe that bloggers should be up front about any affiliations they may have. For that reason I am providing this statement.


As I am an amateur genealogist, the opinions expressed and the information posted on this website may contain inaccuracies. There will certainly be typographical errors as my skills in keyboarding are sorely lacking.

Rootstech 2011:  As an Official Blogger at the Rootstech Conference I was offered complimentary registration but, as I had already paid my registration before becoming an Official Blogger I did not request a refund.  
I did receive a free dinner and a free breakfast and tour of the conference facility before it opened and a front row seat at the opening keynote session of the conference. I was given access to the media centre where I had a spot to blog and tweet with a wired internet connection. I also received a couple of mementos - a notebook and a CD of The Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

Rootstech 2012: As an Official Blogger and Presenter at the Rootstech Conference I have been offered complimentary registration.
No doubt I will probably score a few free meals and once again have access to the Media Center with its wired internet access and workspaces.

Flip-Pal: I am being paid a flat fee to demonstrate the Flip-Pal mobile scanner for Gould Genealogy at various genealogy events in Australia from 2012. 


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