Friday, May 18, 2012

Rootstech - Here we go again

It's only 8 weeks since Mr Geniaus and I returned  from our post-Rootstech holiday and I find myself planning for 2013. As Mr Geniaus has already booked a post-Rootstech (recovery) cruise we are committed to attending the 2013 Conference that will be held in Salt Lake City from March 21-23, 2013. I have just booked my flights from Australia to Los Angeles to arrive in plenty of time to get over the jet-lag before the Conference.

Rootstech opened its Call for Papers this week and I have received my invitation to submit proposals so my thinking cap is on. Although I suffered from a a huge case of tummy butterflies this year I enjoyed presenting to an international audience and, as the only Australian presenter, I don't think I let my country down.

That "traditional lectures depending entirely on text based slides are discouraged" suits me fine as I much prefer to give live demonstrations of the products I am discussing. I wonder if I am game enough to return to my teaching days and give a Hands-on workshop. The panel presentation I organised last year went down very well, it was a casual format and lots of fun. I have an idea for a panel for 2013 - I just need to find some victims to present with me.

Last year I submitted four proposals two of which were accepted. I was disappointed that the proposal with an Australian flavour was rejected. I guess that the organisers did not think it relevant for a mainly US audience. I will reword it and submit it again as so many of the Americans I meet have direct or collateral lines in Australia and show a real interest in our Australian resources. The other rejection was for a non-genealogy resource with international appeal. I will rejig and submit this again as it fits in clearly with the Rootstech 2013 guidelines.

It would be great to see some new faces presenting at Rootstech so please consider submitting some proposals before June 15.

If you are thinking about attending Rootstech just do it, it is a fantastic event. For Australians Qantas has amazing airfares on offer to the US until 21st May (or you can spend your frequent flyer points  like I do) and the rates at the Conference hotels are under $US100 per night. If you are wary of attending such a huge event, let me know that you are going and Mr Geniaus and I will show you the ropes.

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Amy Coffin, MLIS said...

So glad you'll be coming out again. Good luck with the proposals. I hope they accept all of them. You're a pro!


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