Sunday, October 19, 2014


Stacey, one of my friends in the library world, posted this tweet this morning.

Stacey's Tweet 19/10/2014

As a lover of alliteration I hooked onto those three words used by Tony Wagner as he was talking to a group of teachers at a recent conference in the US.

Play-passion-purpose seems to sum up my motivation for exploring genealogy and technology.

I love to Play around with new software, techtoys and apps but aimless play doesn't give me great satisfaction.

I have a Passion for genealogy and family history which gives a Purpose to my Play. Without that Passion and Purpose I doubt that I would enjoy my Play so much.

Friday, October 17, 2014

GAGs - GeniAus' Gems - 17 October 2014

GAGs is into its fourth week with a new selection of blog posts I have read and enjoyed for various reasons over the past week. I am so impressed by the quality of many of the posts from downunder I read each week, our geneablogging is going from strength to strength.

As previously stated the selections here are subject to my personal biases and I make no apology for that.

Presenting in no particular order some selections from my RSS feeds this week: 

1. I was going to share this image on my blog but Janelle beat me to it.

2. My once beautiful handwriting has gone to pot so Pauline's post struck a chord with me

3. It's not nearly as good as being there  but this recount from Shauna gave me a glimpse of an event that was held recently in Sunny Queensland.

4. And if you also read Tanya's post straight after Shauna's you will get a fuller picture of what went on at Angling for Ancestors.

5. I like the way that Nola has split up a long story into several posts of a manageable size (for someone like me with a short attention span). This post is one of a series.

6. Helen is also blogging on a theme. In this post she ties her content to a current event.

7. While I'm on the theme of series. Here is a Loveday blogger who is telling a family story in small chunks.

8. Let's not forget that small  museums often have priceless local resources.

9. A Sensational Story for Sepia Saturday from Sharon.

10. I missed this news and perhaps you did too. Thanks to Fran from Manly Library.

It is so hard to limit myself to ten selections although I am tempted to add more.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Revolting Records...

...reminds me of a Roald Dahl book Revolting Rhymes.

As you know I often dive into a new adventure and then realise that I somehow need to keep track of what I am doing. I need to create some more records and, as organisation isn't my strong point, I call them revolting records.

I have now put together my fourth list of GAGs - GeniAus Gems. I have a system in Evernote where I save posts for consideration for the next week's compilation but I haven't kept a record (except for my GAGs posts) of the bloggers and blogs I have actually included in one of my lists.

I need to do this because I can't remember in my head which are the blogs and bloggers I have nominated and because this evening it struck me that such a list would be an additional evaluation tool for when (and if I am invited) I help Inside History Magazine select their Top 50 Blogs you need to read in 2015.

Just like the girl in Robin Klein's the Listmaker I am going to make a list but should it also be in Evernote or should it be on a spreadsheet in Google Drive? I like these tools because I can acccess them across devices but I just can't seem to make my mind up

A Hangout High

It always takes me a while to come down after a GeniAus Hangout on Air and last Tuesday's was no exception. I was joined by an exceptional group of panelists who had so much to say and share about the topic, CGD (Continuing Genealogical Development). I do enjoy chatting with these folk in the informal atmosphere of a Google hangout on Air.

Unfortunately due to the stormy conditions in and around Sydney several panelists were not able to stay the distance. I'm sorry we missed your contributions but appreciate the effort you made to connect.

I detected several themes coming through in the conversations. These included the importance of organisation, citing one's sources and the value of blogging. Panelists took part in a range of traditional and online learning activities and appreciated podcasts, hangouts and webinars. It was interesting to note that many of the panelists work or have worked in IT related jobs and that most of them are geneabloggers.

When I put the panelists on the spot and asked them to nominate a presenter they would recommend these names were mentioned Lisa-Louise Cooke, Chris Paton, Thomas MacEntee, Dick Eastman, Richard Reid, Kerry Farmer, Maria Northcote, Helen Smith, Kim Phillips, Cyndi Ingle and GeniAus. Watch out for them at an event near you or online.

Among the events panelists plan to attend are Rootstech 2015, Congress 2015, The Unlock the Past Baltic Cruise and the NSWACT State Conference.


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