Tuesday, January 23, 2018

It's time for a page

Last week I prattled on about changes to my social media use.

In particular I said that I was rarely using Google+ to share interesting announcements, news and posts that I came across in my geneareading each day. Lately I have been sharing these in a mishmash of ways to Twitter, Facebook Groups and Pages, on my own Facebook stream, sometimes Google+ and in mentions on blog posts.

I have also not been collating my Friday GeniAus Gems posts lately as these took me several hours to put together and I would rather have a more immediate and less time consuming way of sharing others' blog posts that strike a chord with me.

I notice that a number of my readers no longer use RSS feed readers to curate their blog reading. Some people rely on Facebook notifications to learn about new posts. I also sometimes forget to promote my posts so they only reach the audience who have subscribed to my blog.

Usually an early adopter I have resisted using Facebook as my main vehicle for sharing. This morning, after realising that I had shared stuff all over the place via different avenues, I decided to join the swim on Facebook and try to restrict most of my geneasharing to one place that is easily accessible on mobile devices.

I am about to make a new GeniAus Page on Facebook that I will use for sharing my GeniAus' Gems. It will be useful for sharing those snippets that I feel are important but that do ot warrant a blog post.

.... Half an hour has gone by and I now have a page. Please Like my page to see my posts at https://www.facebook.com/geniauspage/.

Trove Tuesday - Family History Blogs

I have been thinking about blogs and blogging this week so I thought I'd take a look at Trove and see what Family History Blogs I could find. I am always on the prowl for new to me Australian genealogy blogs to follow.

Firstly I restricted my search to "Archived websites (1996 – now)"  and entered the following in the search box.

I was rewarded with "at least 3,058 sites containing 2,058,694 page versions". On the first page of hits I saw many blogs and websites that I recognised.

I then selected "Blogs" from the narrow by keywords option on the left of the page. My list of hits was reduced to:" at least 553 sites containing 224,899 page versions."

Did I find anything new to me? I knew all the blogs on the first list of twenty including some that are dormant. Isn't it good that their content is preserved on Trove.

On the second page I started seeing blogs that I wasn't familiar with. One was weird, one from a writer and one about hair loss and other random stuff. I kept going...

The first gem I found was Great War Nurses from the Hunter  , although dormant this blog has many interesting articles.

Are you my father? How I spent my life searching for truth diarises a woman's search for her biological father. This blog hooked me in with well written and riveting story that I spent over  two hours reading each and every post.

I was thrilled to find Camden History Notes as my convict ancestors Patrick Curry and Ellen Moore were there from 1828.There were lots of articles on the Camden area.

Scrolling thhrough15 pages of hits I found lots of blogs that I know including three of mine but little else of interest. I need to use some other search terms to find more genealogy blogs.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Blog overload?

Geneablogging was my focus today ... but it wasn't about my blogs.

My first task involved putting on my hat as an admin team member of the GeneabloggersTRIBE. Together with Hilary Gadsby from Wales and Laura Hedgecock from the US I create the welcome posts for those who have joined the Tribe. Our genimate DearMyrtle is supporting us with this task. 

I also help monitor the GeneabloggersTRIBE Facebook Group. The other Australian on the admin team, Caitlin Gow has different responsibilities. It's amazing to work in support of geneablogging with this committed volunteer team from around the globe. 

If you are a geneablogger who hasn't joined the GeneabloggersTRIBE do go to the site and sign up. Make sure you check out the Members' List too.

I spent far too long writing my dozen posts today as each blog I view is a magnet to this inquisitive old bird who is into Tangential Genealogy. The blogs I write about entice me to read and explore and they help me form opinions on what elements I think are important in a blog.

Just 513 posts to read
When my creative juices ran dry I turned to the list of genealogy blogs I follow in my RSS feed reader, Inoreader. I added several new blogs to the list I follow. This won't make keeping up any more onerous as many genebbloggers have taken to slow blogging and quite a few have stopped blogging. I don't delete blogs from my RSS feed as, on occasion, a blogger will return to blogging after a hiatus of one, two or more years. I want to be alerted so I can welcome them back.

Of course I spent ages going through the new to me blogs. I particularly liked the titles of the Before Bernadette and  The Restall Gene. I loved the title and the stories in the Behind the Cupboard Doors blog. 

I am impressed by the stamina of new blogger, Duncan in the Churches of Tasmania blog, 25 posts in his first month! I liked the new look at the Derek's Den blog. 

Once my list was updated I set about reading the backlog of posts in Inoreader. I tried to comment on quite a few posts as I know what a buzz it is to receive comments. I have had problems all day connecting to Wordpress.com blogs (even my own) so I have had to skip many of them.

While all of this has been going on I have been watching activity on the Lake outside and at the Australian Open tennis on the TV in my living room.

The importance of having a Blog Archive widget on one's blog site was reinforced today as I tried to navigate through several years of some blogger's posts. The importance of having an About Me statement or page was also strengthened as I tried to make meaningful comments about unknown bloggers.

Several Bloggers have made a great start with the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks challenge. The cynic in me wonders how many will make it to the finish line.  I like Lilian Magill's approach to this challenge is more achievable. Lilian is promoting 12 Ancestors in 12 months.

Things have been moving slowly on the internet today so I just logged off and back on and find I cannot access the Inoreader site. I guess that someone is telling me that I need to go and watch Nick Kyrgios play his match in the Australian Open. I'll continue my blog reading tomorrow.

I am not suffering from blog overload, I've had a most enjoyable day and learnt a bit more about geneablogging.

The action outside my backyard

Friday, January 19, 2018

Tweaking my Social Media Policy

Way back in 2013 I wrote about my personal social media use after a reading a 2010 post "How Much Social Networking is Too Much?

In the past 4 1/2 years other social media tools have emerged, some have thrived and some withered. I can't keep up with everything so I am reviewing how I use the tools at my disposal. some of these tools are not necessarily social media tools but I am including them because I use them for managing my communication and collaboration.

Below in black font is what I posted in 2013. I will describe my 2018 practices in Red.

Blogger - Essential for my blogging. Still my favourite blogging platform. 

Evernote - My virtual notebook where I store and share all sorts of things. Still my virtual memory/organisation tool.

Facebook - I joined to connect with family and friends and I use it (reluctantly) to connect with the genealogy community. I would rather not use it for genealogy but while others insist on using it I will stay there. Reluctantly I have followed the genealogy crowd to Facebook. I particularly enjoy participating in some Facebook Groups. I also maintain a couple of Facebook Pages.

Google+ - My social media communication and collaboration tool of choice. Sadly other genies haven't shared my enthusiasm for Google+ so although I still announce my blogger posts there I do not share news regularly on Google+ any longer.

Inoreader - The RSS Feed Reader I now use.

Instagram - I have an account but do not use it regularly.

Librarything - I love this tool for managing my reading life and remembering for me what I have read. I remain faithful to Librarything.

LinkedIn - I'll maintain my presence here as it is good to keep in contact with former business contacts. I still have a presence there but I am not an active user.

Pinterest - I have several genealogy boards on Pinterest but I am still just dabbling.

The Old Reader - My new (to me) RSS feed reader. The Old Reader is no longer.

Trello - I came to Trello recently because it is used as a planning/collaboration tool in a group to which I belong.  

Twitter - I have quietened down on Twitter but it is the tool I turn to when at an event and I have something to share. I'm quiet on Twitter but still tweet from events using appropriate hashtags.

Wordpress - I also blog from Wordpress as I thought it useful to be competent in using this platform.

Youtube - A home for the few videos I have made. I have added quite a few videos to my Channel during the past few years.

What do you use? I wonder what we'll be using in 2022?


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