Tuesday, June 27, 2017

A Trio from the Tribe

Were you ears burning this morning?  Your name may have come up in conversations today about cemeteries, conferences, colleagues and other geneatopics.

A few hours ago I met up in a cafe at Beecroft with a couple of fellow GeneabloggersTRIBE members for a cuppa and a chat. Although we rarely see each other we have become firm online friends over the years due to our shared interests in genealogy and geneablogging and as members of the GeneabloggersTRIBE. Seeing each other ín the flesh is a special treat. That I am nearly old enough to be Caitlin's grandmother doesn't matter - family history friendships cross generations.

L-R Sharn, Jill, Caitlin
Due to life's circumstances I haven't seen Sharn White or Caitlin Gow for ages. When Caitlin mentioned that she was visiting Sydney for a week I contacted she and Sharn and we organised our meeting. I was able to present Sharn, whose health issues prevented her from attending Rootstech 2017, with some sougenirs and loot from the Conference.

It was quite a family affair as Sharn's husband David, two of her daughters and a grandson called by to say G'day and meet Caitlin who lives 1,000km away. I think the mystery gentleman who picked up our tab may have been David, thank you so much.

We had a great old chinwag and shared a few geneasecrets that are not suitable to air in public!!

A sweet something to complement the cuppa.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

101 Reasons to attend #congress_2018 - Avoid FOMO

When one of my offspring recently wrote about the FOMO she was suffering while I and other family members were enjoying a sojourn in Fiji I didn't know what she was talking about.  One of the young cousins with us enlightened me. Apparently FOMO is Fear of Missing Out.

Wikipedia describes FOMO thus: "a pervasive apprehension that others might be having rewarding experiences from which one is absent"

If you want to avoid a case of FOMO next March when your genimates are having fun at #Congress_2018 then perhaps you should take advantage of the Earlybird Rate and register now.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

A New Badge on the Blog

When Alan Phillips' invitation to be an Ambassador for  Researching Abroad: Finding British Isles and European Ancestors, a series of Unlock the Past events, I had no hesitation in accepting.

For the next few weeks this badge will appear on my blo
I had every intention of attending this event and was going to share my enthusiasm anyway. I love to support the events Unlock the Past host for the geneacommunity downunder. UTP is the only commercial organisation that regularly organises events that bring overseas genealogy speakers we would not otherwise hear downunder. A bonus is that the costs of these events are quite reasonable.

I will be attending the Sydney gig at Parramatta (did you know you can get there by bus or train from Hornsby way over on the other side of town?). I love these events because they fire up my enthusiasm and educate and enlighten me. They also provide an opportunity to catch up with my distant genimates.

I am probably one of a handful of Australians who has met both Dirk and Chris, the headliners at this event. They are both enthusiastic chaps who are passionate about genealogy in their geographical areas..

The hashtag for this event is #utproadshow17.

Disclosure: As compensation for my Ambassadorial duties I receive complimentary entry to the Researching Abroad: Finding British Isles and European Ancestors in Sydney.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Happy Birthday Allan

Updating a post from 2012

Remembering my Dad, Allan John Curry 1919-2001, who would have been 98 today. 

Young Allan doesn't look too happy in this photo. The white tie suggests it might have been his First Communion or Confirmation Day - he never was fond of going to Church. 

Allan John Curry

GAGs - GeniAus' Gems - 23 June 2017

It's been a frustrating week for reading and writing blog posts. The phone line has been down for a week at our city pad and the internet is moving at snail's pace. I spent five days at our lake house and  have nearly chewed up the 40gig of data I have per month on my phone plan so my online activities have been seriously curtailed.

In selecting posts for this week's Gems I was forced to skim read and ignore posts with titles that didn't pique my curiosity.Here goes with my selections for the week past.

1. Great to see Fran (and Carel last week) mentioned on the GeneabloggersTRIBE site (have you listed your blog there?)

2. A few short tips for Intelligent Searches.

3. Jane describes how she looks after her data.

4. Anne has reached a milestone.

5. Help for the DNA Challenged.

6. A researcher needs our input.

7. Chez researches an Aussie icon.

8. I haven't read this yet. Have you?

9. Trove comes up Trumps again.

10. Reflecting on an ancestor's life.

11. This title fascinated me.

12. And here are a few responses to the Cemetery Day Challenge Alona posted last week. A great theme that elicited some interesting responses.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

My CemeTree

A few days ago my genimate Alona reminded us that today 18 June is Cemetery Day. Even though I have been out with living family all day I cannot let today pass without recognising my ancestors on Cemetery Day.

On my way home this evening I had a brainwave - I would create a CemeTree - a tree of my ancestors that shows the Cemeteries in which they rest. Unfortunately I have not been able to find the resting places of many of my ancestors especially those in Ireland. I will never get this task done by my self-imposed deadline tonight if I try to create a table, save it to html and then paste it in this post (that is a task for another day). As an alternative I could create a custom Google Map and place the cemeteries on that. For tonight I will simply list generation by generation my direct ancestors whose final resting places I have identified.

Allan John Curry Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park, NSW

Thomas William Curry Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park, NSW formerly Botany Cemetery
Mary Tierney Eastern Suburbs Memorial Park, NSW formerly Botany Cemetery
Frank Duncan Rookwood Cemetery, NSW
Ethel Jane Pusell Rookwood Cemetery, NSW

Frank Duncan and Ethel Jane Pusell, Rookwood Cemetery
Thomas Curry  Cowra Cemetery, NSW
Catherine Molloy  Canowindra Cemetery, NSW
John D'Arcy Tierney Dungog Cemetery, NSW
Mary Kealy Dungog Cemetery, NSW
Francis Duncan  Cobar Cemetery, NSW
Harriet Magick  Cobar Cemetery, NSW
James Pusell  Cobar Cemetery, NSW
Mary Jane Aspinall  Rookwood Cemetery, NSW

Francis Duncan and Harriet Magick, Cobar Cemetery
Great-Great Grandarents
Patrick Curry  Cowra Cemetery, NSW
Bridget Ryan  Forbes Cemetery, NSW
Michael Molloy Carcoar Cemetery, NSW
Catherine Connolly  Carcoar Cemetery, NSW
Denis Tierney  Dungog Cemetery, NSW
Eliza D'Arcy  Dungog Cemetery, NSW
James Magick  Denison Town Pioneer Cemetery, NSW
Bridget Ann Hayward  Buddenbela, Cobbora, NSW
James Pusell  Old Burraga Cemetery, NSW
Maria Tucker  Old Burraga Cemetery, NSW
Richard Aspinall  Carcoar Cemetery, NSW

Bridget Ryan, Forbes Cemetery
Great-Great-Great Grandparents
Patrick Curry  St John's Catholic Cemetery Campbelltown, NSW
Ellen Moore   St John's Catholic Cemetery Campbelltown, NSW
James Westbrook  St Matthew's Church of England Cemetery Windsor, NSW
Elizabeth Phipps  St Peter's Church of England Cemetery Richmond, NSW
Robert Hayward  Cobbora Station, Cobbora, NSW
John Tucker  Bathurst Cemetery, NSW
James Homer  Long Swamp Cemetery, NSW

Great-Great-Great-Great Grandparents
William Tucker  St Mary the Virgin Church of England, Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England
Mary Eyers  St Mary the Virgin Church of England, Datchet, Buckinghamshire, England

St Mary the Virgin, Datchet

Saturday, June 17, 2017

AIATSIS Map of Indigenous Australia

I buy very few souvenirs when travelling.

When I was at The Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory earlier in the year I saw a map, The AIATSIS Map of Indigenous Australia, that fascinated me so I parted with $9.95 to buy a copy. "The map attempts to represent all the language, social or nation groups of the Indigenous peoples of Australia."

Still in its cellophane wrapper
I just uncovered the map in a pile of my stuff, I hadn't even taken it out of its cellophane packet, I will rectify that. I thought I'd find out about the story of the map so I consulted Google which took me to the
AIATSIS Website and there I discovered that the map is available online free for all to see.  The online map has a 'magnifying glass' circle that you can move around to highlight selected areas. While I prefer my larger hard copy map the price is right for the online version.

Take a look to determine who were the language, social or nation groups of the Indigenous peoples in the areas where your ancestors lived.

Friday, June 16, 2017

GAGs - GeniAus' Gems - 16 June 2017

Once again I have decided to be patriotic and offer selections from Australian bloggers in this week's post. I think again this week that the cool weather has driven the bloggers indoors. I see a few blogging who have been absent for a while.

First up I mention a post that came through from Alona this morning. How about we all put our fingers to the keyboard and craft a cemetery post for Sunday, then tweet it using the hashtag #CemeteryDay.

Robyn reports on her DNA progress.

DNA helped in this case.

How did I miss Kerryn's discovery last week. Had to break my cutoff rules and share.

A spot of local history for Sydneysiders.

James visited another Sydney icon.

A new resource that add background to your stories.

More suggestions for your reading list.

These titles may also be of interest.

Chez sends us down a rabbit hole with another online resource.

A Geneajourney for our GenX girl.

TRIBE leader Caitlyn

Have you joined the TRIBE? Jo Ann has.

New to me blogs
The Keeper of Stories

Luddite Bicentenary (not Australian but has some Australian content

Just realised that this blog was missing from my RSS feeds

Thursday, June 15, 2017

101 Reasons to attend #congress_2018 - Me time

You deserve some Me Time.

Two of our younger genimates have mentioned in their comments in our Genimates at #Congress_2018 Facebook Group that they are looking forward to spending some time away from home and parental responsibilities to have dedicated genie time at Congress.

It doesn't matter whether you are young or old, male or female Congress will provide you with an opportunity to have Me Time.  It's a golden opportunity - Grab it.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Comfortable outside the Comfort Zone

 It's now two weeks since I moved out of my comfort zone in Genealand and presented a talk on The Joys of History Blogging to a group of Australian History enthusiasts at a local U3A Group.

I was made most welcome by the Group's leaders and as the presentation was in a venue at Hornsby Library with which I am most familiar my nerves flew out the door prior to the presentation.

U3A presentation at Hornsby Library
Many of the 50+ people at the gig had little or now knowledge of blogs and what a useful resource they could be for the reader, researcher and writer. It was pleasing to see how well the talk was received but it was also a little disappointing that, until now, so many people did not have any idea of useful blogs could be in their study of Australian History.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Trove Tuesday - Babysitting

As I was undertaking one of my frequent activities this morning I pulled out my mobile phone to see what Trove could tell me about that activity, Babysitting but I wasn't able to read the results easily because of the small screen size. Now I am back at home in front of a regular screen I am revisiting the search.

The first few instances I found were in the 1880s but these were OCR errors where the two words Baby and Sitting were read as one. It wasn't until the 1940s that I found some mentions of Babysitting as we know the term today. Following are a few snippets.

1949 '"Annie" Acts As Baby-sitter', The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), 19 January, p. 7. , viewed 13 Jun 2017, http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article18086855

This next article appeared in many newspapers across Australia.

1949 'WANTS BABY-SITTING RECOGNISED', Advocate (Burnie, Tas. : 1890 - 1954), 5 October, p. 18. , viewed 13 Jun 2017, http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article91765668
1952 'Babysitting on a bus', The Mail (Adelaide, SA : 1912 - 1954), 18 October, p. 25. , viewed 13 Jun 2017, http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article57565176
1960 'Dangers of baby-sitting', The Australian Women's Weekly (1933 - 1982), 27 April, p. 2. (Teenagers' Weekly), viewed 13 Jun 2017, http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article51399061
1952 ''Baby-Sitting Wrong,' Says Doctor', Daily Examiner (Grafton, NSW : 1915 - 1954), 5 September, p. 1. , viewed 13 Jun 2017, http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article194585131
If you have trouble reading this next essay here is its URL : http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article122248412

1990 'Crazy nights of whine and song', The Canberra Times (ACT : 1926 - 1995), 20 May, p. 17. , viewed 13 Jun 2017, http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article122248412

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Five Faves Geneameme - The Responses

A few weeks ago I issued a challenge to fellow Geneabloggers. While the number who responded is rather low the quality of the responses is very high.   Thanks to my genimates who responded and gave me some leads on beaut books to follow up. If you are inclined to pen a post for this challenge please let me know and I'll add a link to your response here.

I am hanging my head in shame because I haven't crafted a post yet....my excuse is that we are moving house and my genealibrary (being high on my priority list) was packed up and is sitting in state at my new house. As we are spending most of our time at our old home while we get it tarted up for sale my books and I are living apart. Enough of excuses, here are  links to the Five Faves Geneameme posts.

Susie Zada https://justlovehistory.com/2017/05/20/susies-five-faves-geneameme/

Shelley Crawford http://twigsofyore.blogspot.com.au/2017/05/up-to-five-faves-geneameme.html

ScotsSue https://scotsue-familyhistoryfun.blogspot.com.au/2017/05/books-that-have-inspired-my-family.html

Sandra Williamson  http://ancestralresearchjournal.blogspot.com.au/2017/05/five-faves-geneameme.html

Patsy Trench  https://wordpress.com/post/patsytrench.com/2057

Melody Lassalle http://www.researchjournal.yourislandroutes.com/2017/06/five-fave-books-geneameme/

Jane Taubmanan   http://www.taubman.org.uk/family/wp/2017/06/13/five-favs-five-of-my-favourite-family-history-books/

Anne Young http://ayfamilyhistory.blogspot.com.au/2017/06/five-books-i-refer-to-constantly-when.html

Alona  http://www.lonetester.com/2017/06/five-faves-geneameme/

Saturday, June 10, 2017

GAGs - GeniAus' Gems - 9 June 2017

This week's post is a Saturday Special. As I was involved with family yesterday I didn't not have sufficient time to complete and  publish my post.

It has been a blog-filled week for me. As part of my responsibilities for the GeneabloggersTRIBE I visited over 600 genealogy of the blogs on their Members List. I was struck by the depth and diversity of content I found there in genealogy blogs. It was sad to see so many inactive blogs but it was heartening that, although they are inactive, the stories they tell live on at sites like Blogger and Wordpress.

I also have self-diagnosed Bloggerhoea this week having penned (some scheduled for later) around a dozen posts for the various blogs I curate. I wonder if you sometimes have an attack of this affliction.

In this week's selection I am concentrating on Australian blogs just because I feel like promoting geneablogs from downunder. I am rather fortunate that many of my genimates have blogged this week (was it the chilly weather?).

My first few selections are from libraries' local studies collections. Our libraries downunder do a great job sharing and preserving stories of people and places from the past.

From Sutherland, NSW.
Local History, Local Stories: WWI Field Gun

From Casey/Cardinia, Victoria

Some of my genimates are excited about #Congress_2018.

Some bloggers have been learning and sharing
And one has returned after taking a sabbatical. Welcome back.

I think a post of mine prompted this post about an atypical Troveite. Isn't that grand

Oops - I've gone over my self imposed limit of a dozen blogs this week just because....I can.

Friday, June 9, 2017

101 Reasons to attend #congress_2018 - Meet Shelley

Shelley, a young genealogist from Canberra who blogs at Twigs of Yore, will be attending her second Congress in 2018.

She blogged about her Congress plans this week. Shelley is a modest and intelligent young woman who has a background in statistics. She is a whizz with spreadsheets, databases and masssaging data who applies her skills to her genealogy research.

An expert user of Family Historian software Shelley has given me some valuable assistance in using that program. Check out her recent blog post Reconstituting the Allsops of Tissington–progress to get an indication of the depth of Shelley's knowledge.

At Congress you will have an opportunity to mix, mingle and pick the brains of many experienced genies like Shelley.

At Congress 2015 - Shelley, our Genimate Tanya and GeniAus

Thursday, June 8, 2017

GeneaBloggersTRIBE - Answering your questions

I received this comment when I promoted the GeneabloggersTRIBE in a FB Genealogy blogger group downunder. 

"can I ask some naive questions?  Ask away, but these are not naive questions, they are questions that more than one person would like to have answered. 

I will preface my answers with a reminder that our GeneabloggersTRIBE Leadership Team is very new and only had around ten days to get organised for the changeover of Geneabloggers assets on June 1. While some roles have been allocated we are still familiarising ourselves with resources, assigning roles and discussing policies and procedures for the Group. We are using a variety of tools for this including Facebook Groups, Google Docs and Sheets and  Trello (Loving this new tool for me).

How does GeneaBloggersTRIBE work?
Your leadership team is a group of  bloggers from diverse backgrounds (there are two Aussies - one young, one old) who are passionate about geneablogging as a collaborative publishing platform. We encourage all Geneabloggers to join our TRIBE.

The expressed purpose of GeneaBloggers now GeneabloggersTRIBE is to:
  • support genealogy bloggers including content-providers on a variety of platforms
  • share information on resources
  • permit free use of fM’s several logo graphics among members expressing solidarity
  • exclude commercial advertising
  • disallow corporate ownership
GeneabloggersTRIBE exists to support and encourage bloggers just like you. We do this by providing helpful resource links, daily blogging prompts, blogiversaries, spotlights with an eye to new and emerging content-providing technologies.

Do you apply to become a member if you are a blogger? 
You can apply to join our closed Facebook Group,  https://www.facebook.com/groups/geneabloggers/ ,where you can say g'day, ask questions and share news of interest to other geneabloggers.

Or do you just ask to be added to the blog roll? 
You will be able to list blogs via GeneabloggerTRIBE site and they will appear there on our Members List shortly (we are working on this). To join the Members List please fill out and submit this form.

Are there any eligibility requirements such as posting at least once a month or actively writing a blog for x no of years? 
We don't have any restrictions but would encourage you to be an active blogger ie don't let your blog languish for more than a year.

Are there any costs?
If you are a member are you supposed to be doing something to contribute? 
The only costs we require are your commitment and interest. There a a number of ways you can contribute. 

If so, what kinds of things? 
We recognise that it's  a busy world but you might contribute by blogging, placing our badge on your blog, telling fellow geneabloggers about our TRIBE, supporting fellow bloggers by reading, liking and commenting on their posts and sharing any good resources you find in our Facebook Group.

Sorry, I still consider myself new to blogging though I have seen the GeneaBloggers logo around and knew that Thomas MacEntee was heavily involved (though I know he has now moved on). 
Yes, Thomas handed over many of the Geneabloggers assets to our group of volunteers while he pursues his business interests. 

But, to tell you the truth, coming from the outside, I'm still rather vague as to what it is all about. I read the "About Us" on the site but I couldn't figure out how I, as an amateur blogger, may or may not fit in except as a passive consumer of the resources. Sorry to be so dense. Do you have a "call to arms" page or something for newbies? Thanks! "
You can be a passive consumer but we encourage you to become involved in the ways suggested above.

Thank you for asking these questions. I hope that my responses have provided some clarification for you. It's early days yet but our Leadership Team is in daily contact with each other as we plot the GeneabloggersTRIBE path into the future.

Geneablogging will thrive in our TRIBE.

NB These are my personal responses and may not adequately answer all your questions.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

101 Reasons to attend #congress_2018 - Troveites (A Trove Tuesday Post)

Trove, our nation's treasure, never lets me down.

This week I decided to kill a few birds with one stone and give this post a dual purpose as firstly a 101 Reasons post and secondly as a Trove Tuesday post.

So what, you ask is a TroveiteTrove provided me with some answers but wasn't able to give me a definition for Troveite, I happen to know who coined the term. Take a look at the Troveictionary to see who it was. That the Library Currants blog isn't preserved on Pandora is a shame, I will nominate it forthwith.

The definition put forward by Carmel in her Troveictionary is troveite n. one addicted to Trove

In this article Trove at 5:are we there yet by Dr Marie-Louise Ayres there is a description of the average Troveite.

Troveites also got a mention in the Libraries Australia Newsletter that is preserved in Pandora

There is also a link to Troveite in a blog post of mine.

If you love and are addicted to Trove you may find some soulmates at Congress. Hopefully the people from Trove will have a stand in the exhibition space where you can lavish them with thanks and praise.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

101 Reasons to Attend #congress_2018 - The National Maritime Museum

Just up the road and around the corner from the ICC, is the Australian National Maritime Museum and Vaughan Evans Library.

If your ancestors arrived in Australia by ship it would be worth adding a day or two to your Congress stay to visit the library and research the ships that brought your ancestors to Australia.

Friday, June 2, 2017

GAGs - GeniAus' Gems - 2 June 2017

Well the great news of the week that has kept me occupied is with the GeneabloggersTRIBE Leadership Team.  There has been much geneacommunication across the Pacific and beyond as our Team Leaders worked to get the Website and other social media assets set up for the launch.

1. The announcement from Thomas MacEntee that he is handing over certain assets to the GeneabloggersTRIBE.

2. The new GeneabloggersTRIBE website.

3. There are two Aussies on the leadership team. (Shameless self-promotion)

4. Pauleen shares her excitement about past and future events.

5. Little Wandering Wren is settling down in Thailand.

6. Victoria is also on the move.

7. I'd say they are pretty good Jen.

8. Cousin Bate

9. Radicals in the Hawkesbury.

10. Roots and branches in Sydney.

11. A new blogger on the GSQ team. G'day Joan.

12. And so it should Alona.

Thursday, June 1, 2017


You may have noticed the new GeneabloggersTRIBE image in the sidebar of my blog.

Just minutes ago Thomas Macentee announced "GeneaBloggers.com and GeneaBloggersTRIBE.com have agreed to streamline features to meet consumer expectations and provide blogger support. 

You can read the full story here: http://www.geneabloggers.com/announcing-new-initiative-geneabloggerstribe-com/

I am proud to announce that together with Caitlin Gow I am representing Australia in the new GeneabloggersTRIBE Leadership team. Our transitional leaders Pat Richley-Erickson and Laura Hedgecock have worked tirelessly over the past ten days or so to lead and build our team.

L-R GeniAus with Caitlin Gow
Please visit the GeneabloggersTRIBE website to read all about it and meet the members of the team.

Where have all the Bloggers gone?

In the light of the recent posts on the demise of Geneablogging I am reposting one of my posts from 2015.

Of the Geneabloggers in the photo all but two are still blogging in 2017.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Where have all the Bloggers gone?

The number of blog posts that appear in my RSS feed each week has been slowly diminishing.  Some of my geneablogging mates have disappeared from the scene and some are blogging less frequently. I miss you all and hope that you'll return to blogging real soon.

Some Geneablogging Mates 2012
Apologies to Peter, Paul and Mary  for the following:

Where have all the bloggers gone, long time passing?
Where have all the bloggers gone, long time ago?
Where have all the bloggers gone?
Lost in cyberspace, everyone?
Oh, we miss our blogging friends?
Oh, when will you ever blog?

Where have all the bloggers gone, long time passing?
Where have all the bloggers gone, long time ago?
Where have all the bloggers gone?
Researching, every hour?
Oh, we miss our blogging friends?
Oh, when will you ever blog?

Where have all the bloggers gone, long time passing?
Where have all the bloggers gone, long time ago?
Where have all the bloggers gone?
Lost in archives, everywhere?
Oh, when will they ever learn?
Oh, when will they ever learn? 

Where have all the bloggers gone, long time passing?
Where have all the bloggers gone, long time ago?
Where have all the bloggers gone?
Gone to graveyards, everyone?
Oh, when will they ever blog?
Oh, when will they ever blog? 

Where have all the bloggers gone, long time passing?
Where have all the bloggers gone, long time ago?
Where have all the bloggers gone?
We miss you, everyone.
Oh, we miss our blogging friends?
Oh, when will you ever blog?

Where have all the bloggers gone, long time passing?
Where have all the bloggers gone, long time ago?
Where have all the bloggers gone?
Please come back, everyone.
Oh, we miss our blogging friends?
Oh, when will you ever blog?


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