Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Man of the Cloth

Among the family members recently added to my family site on the web is another priest, my first cousin 3 times removed Rev. Patrick Matthias Ryan, who worked in New South Wales in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Trove tells me that he died suddenly on board the North Coast S.S. Company's steamer Brundah, while en route from Richmond River to Sydney.  

After many years I am making some progress with my Ryan ancestors. I thank Michael who recently contacted me after finding a blog post of mine through a Google search; armed with the information Michael gave me I have been able to find more descendants of my ancestors Thomas Ryan and Ellen Harrington from County Westmeath in Ireland.

The upload to my TNG site tonight was the first I have made using a gedcom file from The Family Historian. As has been the case with uploads from The Master Genealogist this upload proceeded without a hitch.

The present state of my database is: 

  Individual Records:8662
  Family Records: 2798
  Source Records: 145

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