Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The final goodbye - ABC New South Wales

This recent death notice from Australia gave me a giggle but, at the same time, expressed very honest sentiments.

If you wrote your own death notice what would you say?

The final goodbye - ABC New South Wales - Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC):

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Anonymous said...

This is brilliant Jill. Is what I need to do instead of leaving it to my children e.g. they know that there are hypocrites that I do not want hanging around my death bed, or funeral, like they did with my lovely mum...
How good is his refusal to use euphimisms..."No, I'm just dead."
Have to confess that when people say "We've lost mum" I have to stop myself saying, "That's care- less of you"... Just too ir-reverent :-(
Thanks for putting "a smile on ma dial" :-)


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