Friday, May 11, 2012

Follow Friday - The Blogs that got away

I am blown over by the conversations my little article on blogs in the recent issue of Inside History Magazine has brought about on various social media.
To see so many people talking about geneablogging and singing its praises is gratifying for someone who is passionate about blogging as a means of communicating and collaborating in genealogy. I have often said that blogging is a two-way street; it was refreshing this week to see lots of genealogists discussing blogs and blogging as a result of my article.
Limiting a selection to just 50 blogs out of the 300+ that I follow is difficult as there are so many excellent personal and niche blogs in the blogisphere. There are so many worthy blogs that weren't on my list;  last night I remembered that  a blogging theme for today is Follow Friday.
So in this Follow Friday post I am highlighting some other blogs that I regularly read and enjoy:

Australian Blogs
Ancestor Chasing - Kerryn Taylor -
Australian Genealogy Journeys - Aillin O'Brien - 
Dance Skeletons - Fi Basile -
Kylie's Genes - Kylie Willison -
Leafing through Linda's Tree - Linda Ottery -
Wishful Linking Family History Blog -

International Blogs
Dear Myrtle - Pat Richley-Ericson

Niche Blogs
Dorset Ancestors -
Geneawebinars -

Organisation Blogs
BillionGraves -


luckyllama said...

Thank you Jill, for both your mention and reading of my blog! I haven't posted much lately, as we have been travelling which turned out to be more difficult than I could have imagined. Since my husband's neuro-surgery early last year, I have noticed a decline in some of functions, often dozing most of the day away. However this trip showed me just how much he has declined - it seems early onset dementia has set in and life is getting quite difficult, so I really appreciate the blogging community and its support.

Kerryn Taylor said...

I'd like to thank you also Jill for the mention in your blog post. It was a pretty rough April with the loss of my dearly loved mum so I wasn't writing much. Most of the others blogs you mention I also follow. I'm learning so much lately, particularly the existence of the Inside History magazine. Looking forward to getting hold of that. My thoughts are with Linda Ottery and her husband's health ordeal.

A O'Brien said...

Thank you for the mention Jill :)

Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

You are right, Jill, there are so many excellent blogs out there addressing different aspects of family history. I was particularly pleased to be among those mentioned but equally conscious there were others equally deserving, some of whom you mention here. Blogging rules!

Fi said...

Thank you Jill for everything you do for the blogging community. It must have been extremely challenging to limit your article's list to 50. As Pauleen has said, there are so many excellent blogs, and all of them offer something unique. Thanks for the mention on your blog.

Inside History magazine said...

We'd like to add our thanks for a great article and followup blog Jill.

Along with all the blogs above we also really like Tim Sherratt's work on

There is so much brilliant work being done and reported on blogs!

Kylie Willison said...

Thanks for the mention Jill, I'm gaining more readers and followers!!

Maria said...

Thanks for mentioning the Wishful Linking blog. Cheers, -Maria

Elizabeth Lapointe said...

Hi, Jill,

Thank you for putting the local history page on your site on which you had the blogs listed.

I have a blog at at which I post Canadian genealogy, heritage. and history news everyday. Every Monday, I post 10 new/improved Canadian blogs, and websites.

Drop be and say "Hello"!



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