Monday, May 21, 2012

Family History Through the Alphabet – A is for … Android

I am a notorious failure when it comes to ongoing Geneachallenges. Because of my travel habit I cannot keep up with these challenges because the themes are usually secret until posting week which may find me in a foreign country without internet access or time to compose a post.

This present challenge is perfect as I can plan and write my posts ahead of time and just paste the image in at posting time. Thanks, Alona, for organising this activity.

My second issue with this challenge is that I was inspiration challenged when it came to thinking of a theme for my posts - I wanted something to reflect my interests. Today I was talking (via Skype on my Android Tablet) to Alan Phillips from Gould Genealogy for quite a while about the topics I will be presenting at The Queensland Expo and the 3rd Unlock The Past Genealogy Cruise. After the 'phone call I was reflecting on my topics and realised that my theme for this alphabet series will be technology and its relationship to genealogy because that is what I love. During the course of the challenge I will highlight some Apps, Blogs, Connections, Devices, Etc that help me negotiate my genealogical journey.

A is for Android I have an ongoing love affair with my Android devices (Tablet and Phone) that allow me to do genealogy Anywhere Anytime. More than 50% of mobile phones sold in the US and the UK are Android devices yet many genealogists do not realise what little genealogical powerhouses they carry around in their pockets or purses.

In a presentation at Rootstech this year I talked about each of the following functions that a genealogist can carry out on an Android Device:

 Blogging    Browsing    Calendar/time management
 Education - Listening to podcasts   Emailing
 eReader    Genealogy News    GPS unit
 Notetaking    Personal Organiser    Photography
 Purchasing genealogy resources    Research Log
 Researching    Scanning    Social Networking
 Telephone    Voice recording

If you have an Android device you too can do one, two three or all of these of these things when you are out and about. To hear more about Android Genealogy please consider following my Android Genealogy Blog, , where I post links to news articles and advice for those who want to use the Android Devices for Genealogy.


Sharon said...

Firstly, I am a little envious that you get to travel the world following a passion. That sounds like the perfect job!
What a good slant on the A-Z. I look forward to hearing more about technology and genealogy. Always will to learn about new ways of doing things to make it easier.

Gould Genealogy said...

I totally love your theme, and with your vast knowledge of tech toys and associated bits, I'm sure you'll have no issue finding topics for each letter (well not many anyway). I'm looking forward to more. :)

Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

Great idea Jill and I'm sure we'll learn new things as you go along the way to Z.


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