Friday, September 9, 2011

He's not a genie yet!

Thanks to information shared by Dear Myrtle and Amy Coffin  I was able to register my husband at the bargain basement price of $US99 for the 2012 Rootstech Conference. This is only available till tomorrow - details are at Amy's blog.

Mr Geniaus is not a genealogist by any stretch of the imagination but he is interested in the results of my research and his family history. He spent five years (and a few pennies) on finding a grandfather clock made by his ancestor, James Gowans, and having it shipped to Australia. He has travelled with me to England and Scotland to visit ancestral towns and villages; he had a tear in his eye as we sailed away from Islay in Scotland, the home of his Gillespie ancestors. He has tramped through cemeteries in fresh English Januarys to find and photograph tombstones.

I won't even touch on Mr Geniaus' technology skills - but he has mastered his Blackberry!

I don't think I will turn Mr Geniaus into a genealogist so why am I taking him to a genealogy conference?

  • He will be with me in Salt Lake City (a city we have visited before) and will be at a loose end
  • The cost of registration is dirt cheap compared with the hundreds of dollars he has paid to go to corporate conferences (with his Scots' ancestry he loves a bargain)
  • He will be able to register for conference lunches (so I don't have to worry about feeding him)
  • He will be able to meet the GeniMates with whom I spend so much time virtually
  • He will see that genealogists aren't a bunch of old fuddy-duddys
  • With such a broad and varied program he will be able to find sessions that pique his interest
  • Most importantly he will be able to share in the buzz and excitement of a superbly organised conference and gain an understanding of why I just had to return to Rootstech in 2012
He doesn't know it yet but he will be acting as my roadie/personal assistant/one-man support team. As an Official Blogger and presenter at the conference I will be hopping. Mr Geniaus will be put to work as my messenger, blog post editor (my keyboarding skills are punk), bag carrier and photographer. He will be charged with taking lots of photos of the exhibition area, of the sessions he attends and of yours truly mingling. 

He'll have a Ball.

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Amy Coffin, MLIS said...

Great! I look forward to meeting your personal assistant, Mr. Ball.


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