Friday, September 30, 2011

New Android Tablet - The Kindle Fire

Although Dick Eastman stated in a post today that: "The Amazon Kindle Fire does NOT run Android or iOS or any other established operating system. Instead, the entire operating system is developed by Amazon. That means there will be no genealogy applications available at launch. If the Kindle Fire becomes popular, I expect that genealogy apps and thousands of other apps will appear within a few months."

Snip from Eastman post on my RSS Feed
 From my reading of various technology blogs I am fairly sure that the Amazon Kindle Fire does run on an Android  system that has been adapted by Amazon.

The Amazon App store that provides apps for the Kindle Fire has some genealogy apps available. Unfortunately one of my favourites Family Bee is not there. There are genealogy apps available for Kindle Fire users at launch.
Additionally there are many non-genealogy apps in The Amazon App store that genealogists will find useful for a range of genealogy activities.
Postscript: Since I snipped the paragraph above from Dick's blog it has disappeared from his post. Thanks, Dick, for making the correction. 


Tanya Honey said...

Wonder how long it will be until we see them here...and at what price?

Chris Hubber said...

Yes, for how long but I saw one blog where the price is 99$ for Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet! Let burn our finger with this new one. Then Amazon absolutely support it, they also offer a hundreds of apps for it like web browsers, toolbar icons and etc.

Andrei Johnson said...

Then this Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet has icons for iPad installed, that’s why people must take good care of their choice. It’s not running in Android OS. Thanks for sharing this, many should know about this thing.


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