Friday, September 16, 2011

The Tech Savvy Genies

Thankfully I've had some responses to my latest meme, The Tech Savvy Genealogists’ Meme. These have come in the form of comments and blog posts.

James Tanner from Genealogy's Star was the first to comment on my original blog post and his comment has been followed by others that can be accessed here. The first submission came in very smartly from Shauna Hicks of SHHE Genie Rambles

I will continue to add to this list of meme responses as other genies join the fun. Please let me know of any omissions from the list.

1 Ancestry 2 Little Time
Adventures in Genealogy - Deb Ruth
Adventures in Genealogy Education - Angela McGhie 
Anglers Rest - Julie Goucher (John's version)
Are you my Cousin - Lisa Lisson
The Armchair Genealogist -  Lynn Palermo (John's version)
Australian Genealogy Journeys - Aillin O'Brien
Chasing Rainbows - Paula Jeffery
Cheryl Bailey
Destination Austin Family - Thomas MacEntee
Documenting the Details - Linda McCauley
Donna Peterson has posted her response on Google+
Family History Across the Seas - Pauleen Cass
Family History Fun - Susan Donaldson
From Helen V Smith's keyboard - Helen V Smith
Gathering Stories - Nancy Shively
Genea-Musings - Randy Seaver
Genealogy Leftovers - Judy Webster
Geniaus Blog - Jill Ball
The Ginger Jewish Genealogist - Banai Feldstein
Indiana Dillmans - Daniel G Dillman
Just Folks - Genealady
Karen about Genealogy - Karen LeSueur Packard Rhodes
Kinnexions - Becky
Leaves of Heritage - Angela Kraft-Leaves
Linecum Lineage
Little Bytes of Life - Elizabeth O'Neal
Lone Tester Genealogy News - Alona Tester
Long Lost Relatives - Susan Petersen
Louis Kessler's Behold Blog (John's version)
Luxegen Genealogy and Family History - Joan Miller
Minnesota Family Historian - MNFamilyHistorian (John's version)
(Mis)Adventures of a Genealogist - Cinamon Collins
Nutfield Genealogy  - Heather Wilkinson Rojo
Olive Tree Genealogy Blog - Lorine McGinnis Schulze
Roots and Rambles - Marian Pierre-Louis
Ruth's Genealogy
Scott Jangro's Genealogy Blog
SHHE Genie Rambles - Shauna Hicks
Slowly being driven mad by the Ancestors - Carole Davies
Stardust 'n' Roots - Bart Brenner
Tracking down the Family - Jennifer Jones
Tracy Bruce
Transylvanian Dutch - John Newmark (edited the meme and added 30 new items)
The Tree of Me - Sharon Brennan  (John's version)
Twigs of Yore - Shelley (John's version)
The Wandering Genealogist - John Gasson
West in New England - Bill West (John's version)

and here's a video response from Caitie


Shelley Crawford said...

I plan on doing one, I just have to get to it.

Susan Petersen said...

I'm Long Lost Relatives and Becky is Kinnexions. Thanks for the link, tho.

GeniAus said...

Oh Susan - this poor old girl isn't too good at cut and paste!

Joan Miller (Luxegen) said...

Thanks for the mention, Jill!

Deb Ruth said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Deb Ruth said...

Here I am again! Forgot to put link on previous comment. Going to be a long Monday. ;-)

Thanks for this fun idea.

GeniAus said...

You're on the list, thanks Deb

Shelley Crawford said...

I finally got around to doing mine. It's at

MNFamilyHistorian said...

This meme really caught on! Here's my list.

Susan Petersen said...

Quite an impressive list! Thanks for consolidating all of them in one place!

Louis Kessler said...


Please add my list (John's version).



GeniAus said...

Thanks, Louis - have added your contribution.


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