Thursday, September 1, 2011

I Read by Richard Peck

As well as reading lots of genealogy blogs I read many from other fields of endeavour. On his Blue Skunk blog Doug Johnson shared this poem in a post today. I met Doug on his Australian tour a few years ago and follow his blog as a way of keeping in touch.

The poem touched a chord with me and I just had to share it.

I Read by Richard Peck
I read because one
 life isn’t enough, and 
in the pages of a book I can be anybody;I read because the 
words that build 
the story become mine, 
to build my life;
I read not for happy
 endings but for new
 beginnings; I’m just
 beginning myself, and 
I wouldn’t mind a map;

I read because I have
 friends who don’t, and
 young though they are,
 they’re beginning to
 run out of material;

I read because every
 journey begins at 
the library, and it’s
 time for me to start 

I read because one
 of these days I’m going
 to get out of this
 town, and I’m going to
 go everywhere and meet
 everyone, and I want
 to be ready.”

–Richard Peck, author
, Zihuatanejo, Mexico, 

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