Friday, September 2, 2011

Rootstech Countdown - 5 months to go

Travelling to an overseas conference is a big deal for an Australian. Firstly there is the expense of an aeroplane ticket then, after one finds funds to allocate to this, one must endure the discomfort of a long haul aeroplane ride that dumps one on foreign shores. Thankfully the trip to Los Angeles for Rootstech is only 14 hours (and Qantas looks after us pretty well). One then has to make one's way to Salt Lake City.

After having an amazing time at Rootstech 2011, where I was honoured to be an Official Blogger, I returned home full of enthusiasm and determined to attend again in 2012. Mr Geniaus, although he is not really into family history, announced that he would like to come along with me. It's a waste of money for two of us to go to the US for only the conference so we will be spending 6 weeks there visiting new places.

I got a shock when I logged onto the Radisson Hotel Salt Lake City Downtown to make an accommodation booking today - I got a message that there were no rooms available. As I found this hotel convenient last year I panicked when I saw this message. I phoned the hotel directly and was able to secure a booking for 8 nights around the conference - Phew. 

I booked our airfares from Sydney to Los Angeles a couple of months ago so that is sorted.  We have decided that, as Salt Lake City is only 11 - 12 hours drive away or 14 hours via Death Valley, we will book a rental car, drive to Utah and see some of the countryside along the way. I just need to organise a car, itinerary and overnight accommodation.

As well as attending the conference I am presenting two papers; I managed to submit all the information required by this week's deadline. I was fired up last night so started work on one of the talks "The Galaxy Girls –three genealogists’ and their Android tablets" so that's on track. I have until November to submit the syllabuses (sounds like I am back teaching).

After the conference we will be exhausted; it is a busy affair so we have booked ourselves on a Caribbean cruise directly afterwards. We will then, hopefully, be ready for four weeks of exploration that will include visits to favourite cities Washington and New York then some new places. Our dilemma  is what to choose; as it will be winter we will head south, but where?

Last year I was quite nervous about making the trip to Salt Lake City to attend such a huge event. This year I 
have no such concerns. I know that the accommodation is clean and comfortable and near the venue, the natives in Salt Lake City friendly, my fellow geneabloggers welcoming and the conference inexpensive and well-organised with a huge and varied program. Even Mr Geniaus should find sessions to interest him - I will be registering him for the conference.

I wonder if any other Australians will be making the journey. Last year only Allan Murrin and I were there from Australia. If you are thinking of going along and want to have a chat about the conference please email me and I will be happy to talk with you about it.

The conference starts 5 months from today on 2nd February. Details can be found on the conference website.


Amy Coffin, MLIS said...

Glad you got the hotel sorted out! February will be here before we know it.

Joan Miller said...

Looking forward to seeing you again Jill!

Judy Webster said...

I'm glad you are 'going exploring' as well as attending the conference. Have fun on the cruise! Perhaps you'll be inspired to go on Unlock the Past's 2013 history and genealogy cruise! I'm considering it, especially since I heard a rumour that it will include Tasmanian ports.


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