Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Google +1 Button

Blue +1 Button
Have you noticed the +1 button at the bottom of posts on the genealogy blogs you read?  Do you have a Google Account?

Many bloggers have this button in the sharing options of their blog yet I see little evidence of the button's use on the posts I read. When I read and enjoy a blog post I click in the little box the the right of the blue +1 button. This tells the blogger that I have enjoyed their post and helps to push their post up higher in Google search results for the topic of the post.

In this busy, busy world we do not have time to comment on each and every post we enjoy. It takes less than a second to give a +1 to a post. To do this you will need a Google account and to be logged in to Google.

Blogging is supposed to be a collaborative activity. How about giving some positive reinforcement to the bloggers who write for you by hitting that +1 button.?


GeniAus said...

Thanks to the 2 people who have already given my post a +1. I appreciate your support.

Helen V Smith said...

Yes, I use the +1 Button as I feel it acknowledges good content.

Comeka said...

Thanks for the information . . . I didn't really understand the +1 button before this post. I'll certainly be using it now.


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