Saturday, February 13, 2016

GAGs - GeniAus' Gems - 13 January 2016

I was so tired after flying in from Rootstech yesterday that I couldn't concentrate on my Geneactivities. Having slept for 11 hours last night I awoke refreshed and settled down at the kitchen table to do my Geneachores. The chores have been completed and now I'm up to something I really enjoy -  reading what others have to say about genealogy and a few other topics then sharing a few Gems with you.

My selections this week have a definite Aussie bias as I haven't read much from writers overseas, I do make an effort to read all the Aussie posts that come into my Inoreader feed..

1. For those who couldn't make Rootstech Randy Seaver has compiled a list of blog posts from the event (there were several Aussies blogging).

2. Sharon grins stupidly.

3. Susie has something on offer for bibliophiles

4. Judy shares a Queensland index.

5. Because I had ancestors in Dungog too.

6. Geoff's Rootstech pictures are better than mine

7. Thanks Alona, I remember ancestors in Ireland doing this.

8. Diane sees familiar items in a museum.

9. Maria's post had the best title of the week.

10. Moya writes of resourcefulness, resilience and ugly men.

New to Me Blogs
The Family Stump
Genealogy Useful Stuff


Simon said...

You forgot the best blog post of the week, Tamura Jones's interview with Jack Minksy president of Software Mackiev.

GeniAus said...

Sorry, Simon. My biases include a complete lack of interest in FTM.

Judy Webster said...

Jill, thanks for the link to Historical Photographs and Sketches of People. I should point out that some of the subjects had no connection to Queensland. Most of them were born in the United Kingdom, Ireland, western Europe, Australia, New Zealand, USA or Canada (probably in that order of frequency, although it's just my impression, not from a statistical analysis). A few photos are of people from other countries such as South Africa, Czechoslovakia and Asia. Indexing is on-going, but genealogists are already using this resource to find photos of people in their family tree.


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