Monday, February 1, 2016

A Day of Rest!

Traditionally Sunday is a day of rest and mine was sort of restful although I am not going to admit what time I rose in such a public forum as the GeniAus blog.

I feel so relaxed tonight as I managed to tweak the powerpoint for our Rootstech Panel Session on Friday (apologies to family members whose pics appear on my slide). Now it's ready for my fellow panelists to suggest further tweaks when we get together. I also went through the Rootstech schedule and chose the sessions I hope to attend.

From the stash of food I brought in my second suitcase (the one that I need to empty so I can take my shopping home) I had picnics for breakfast and lunch in my room. Mid afternoon I felt the need for coffee so went downstairs to visit the Starbucks in the Lobby and it was closed. My mate on reception told me that there was one up the blog so I got my hat, coat and gloves and wandered up there for my latte.

Tonight I wandered down to the Radisson Hotel to have dinner with some genimates including Roger and Lisa Moffat, Teresa and Mr Ricketts from Utah, Thomas MacEntee and Jane Haldeman from up Chicago way. Once again the friendly bellhop warned me about slippery sidewalks as there had had just been a snowfall.The weather was rather chilly but my Michelin Man coat kept the frostbite at bay. I am pleased that I decided to stay in the Marriott this year, it is certainly more convenient to the conference venue, library (and shops).

Naturally I took a few pics along the way today. I don't need much encouragement to post them. Thanks to those who have asked for more!

Another fine old building opposite Starbucks

Grand doorway on beautiful building spoilt by ugly door

We were welcome but the Mall was closed on Sunday
Conference venue is so close
No need for refrigeration

The Beehive is a local symbol - must refresh myself on its significance
Ths would be really useful in an emergency
My home in SLC
I warm myself in the hotel foyer each time I return
I didn't realise quite how far the Radisson was - the cold brings on the wheezes
Catching up with Thomas at dinner
There are beggars in SLC but they weren't out tonight. I always direct them to the LDS folk in Temple Square

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