Thursday, February 4, 2016

Once a Librarian...

...always a librarian.

Church History Library
My first degree is in Library Science so I was in seventh heaven today when, as a Rootstech Ambassador, I was treated to a behind the scenes tour of The Church History Library in Salt Lake City. I didn't even realise that this institution existed until I arrived at The Church History Museum for the tour and was told I was in the wrong place. Luckily I was early so I made the tour at the building up around the corner just in the nick of time.

Our guide was a librarian who giggled with me about how we love putting things in alphabetical order.  We firstly descended in the lift to the bowels of the building where we saw the temperature controlled vaults where original documents are stored in compactus and then were treated to a talk by the chaps who work on conservation in the audiovisual area. We were able to see and hear a collection of sound recordings on all sorts of weird and wonderful media.

On ascending four or five floors we arrived at the area where conservation of printed and photographic materials takes place. This is a large airy room filled with natural light but which faces north to avoid damaging direct sunlight. One of the conservators showed us how various items are repaired.

Plays wire tapes
Recording Media

Print Conservtion Area

Item under conservation
This institution which is the archive and library of The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints is open to  the public, you can consult the catalogue and access digitised resources online . About half of the visitors are people who are researching their family history.

The tour of this world class facility was informative and interesting. Thanks to the staff, conservators and our guide who made us so welcome.

Impressive entrance foyer
Library Resources


Anonymous said...

How great again for an Aussie to make this trip, connections and a tour of the library. Good on ya !

Tanya Honey said...

Oh I would have loved this as well. Looks like great fun.


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