Friday, February 19, 2016

I Learn by Doing

Several weeks ago my genimate Shelley (or was it Carmel?) suggested using Open Live Writer to draft posts for our blogs.

Because I learn by trial and error and resort to instructions or manuals on an ├ís needs’ basis I decided to try out this tool.
As I had a trip to Rootstech on the radar and I knew I was getting a new laptop I put off my experiment until I got back home and became familiar with my new toy.
So today is the day. I have successfully installed the software and linked it to this blog. Now I’m writing the post.
The interface has familiar icons plus a few that are missing from Blogger. There appear to be more options on the Toolbar, I particularly the ‘Insert’ options. As a fan of tables it appears to be easy to insert tables into a post.  Let’s see if I can do it right now
First Name Last Name DoB
Matthew Page 12/09/2012
Jane Fowles 02/09/1876
Peter Royds 26/07/1994

I can even insert Emoticons Princess and Bing Maps (but I prefer Google Maps).   

I think the categories bar is the same as tags in Blogger but will have to confirm when I post.
What has got me flummoxed is that the default font for paragraphs is set a 4 points and that even when I change it to 10 I can barely read what I have typed. I think this may be a Wndows 10 issue as it is happening with some other apps.
This is what my input window looks like.

All in all it's looking promising but I would love some assistance to get an input display I can read.


GeniAus said...

I published directly from Open Live Writer and then couldn't edit the post in Blogger to change the font size to something readable. Next time I'll upload a draft to Blogger and edit there before posting.

crgalvin said...

Yes, publish the draft to Blogger then open edit, even if you edit this post now it should fix the font size. I had to reinsert my paragraph breaks too once I was in edit in Blogger - seems there are some glitches.
A couple of times I've had to close OLW then reopen it as something I've done on the trackpad causes the display to diminish in size, haven't worked that one out yet!


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