Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Poffs

 A few years ago Dan Poffenberger represented Familysearch at our Australian Congress in Adelaide where he gave a couple of impressive talks. I have caught up with Dan several times when I have visited Salt Lake City. I even got to chat with him in the Rootstech video studio in 2013.

Last night I got an email from Dan asking if we could catch up in The Family History Library. Dan's news was that he is now the Supervisor on the British Floor of the Library where we Commonwealth folk hang out.

I just spent a half hour chatting with Dan (thanks Roger Moffat for snapping the moment). It was interesting to hear news of Dan's research, he has more information on the Poff(enberger) family that he told us about in Adelaide. We chatted about work on the British Floor, the resources of the Library and the online free education opportunities offered by the British Floor store staff.

Meeting with Dan
Dan, a committed family historian, is such a beaut ambassador Familysearch.

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