Tuesday, February 16, 2016

What is TapGenes? - A Rootstech Interview

 FamilySearch describes TapGenes, winner of the $45,000 cash prize in the Rootstech Innovator Challenge:
TapGenes provides the tools to identify the genetic thread that ties a family together. Founder, Heather Holmes, got the idea for TapGenes after her father became very ill and the family struggled with multiple roadblocks to share his family medical history that impacted his treatment, care, and recovery. Heather made it her mission, if her father got well, to make sure this kind of frightening and desperate episode would not be faced by other families.
Because I had other commitments at Rootstech I was unable to attend the finals of the Innovator Challenge so, while I had played with some of the entries, I didn't know much about the eventual winner, TapGenes.

When I was hanging around in the Media Hub on the last day of Rootstech, the lovely Chad Schumaker from Familysearch asked me if I'd like to interview a representative from Tapgenes... in five minutes time. I asked Kirsty Gray who was with me at the time if she'd like to join in and we quickly prepared our interview approach. We asked very simple questions and just let the interview flow. If you, like me, don't have an understanding of TapGenes and what it offers then take a look at our video.


Unknown said...

G'day, as always you are a great interviewer. I enjoyed this interview and learned more about TapGenes.

GeniAus said...

Thanks Patty, that's so kind.


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