Thursday, February 11, 2016

My Last Act at Rootstech

Jen and Shannon from The In-Depth Genealogy team grabbed Judy G Russell, Kirsty Gray and me for a video interview to discuss some of the topics we had raised in our panel session "Dealing with Ethical Dilemmas in an Online World."  It was an honour to be included in the interview with Judy.

Although I didn't get to say much I did a lot of nodding. We needed 80 minutes for our chat not 8.


Tessa Keough said...


I thought it was great that the IDG gals included Judy Russell so we could get a flavor of the USA rules and understanding on the issues you raised (loved the puzzle idea) in your international panel. I had to arrive late to panel and missed a few questions, so it was good to see the plagiarism and copyright issue covered (perhaps again) in this interview. Thanks to Shannon and Jennifer to nabbing the three of you for the interview. It is so important to ask permission, do you own work, not borrow (steal) from others, and respect copyright. Thanks for reinforcing that with your examples. Also enjoyed sharing a table with you at the MyHeritage party. Missed some of your mates (Pauleen Cass and Caitlin Gow) - hopefully they can make it next year.

GenieJen said...

Again, thanks for making bits of Rootstech available to those who can't get there.

GeniAus said...

Look forward to sharing again in 2017.


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