Monday, February 1, 2016

Tell me - Which would you choose?

My Genimate and fellow Rootstech Ambassador, Randy Seaver, recently published a list of sessions he hopes to attend at Rootstech. I am thrilled that he has listed the  Panel Session I am moderating (but more of that later).

Since arriving in Salt Lake I've had a few conversations about Rootstech session choices with fellow genies where we have discussed our criteria ofr selection fomr the smorgasbord of presentations available.

Basically I want to be Challenged, Educated, Entertained, Informed and Inspired. I don't expect each speaker I select to deliver on each of these but a combination of three or more would be nice.  If it helps me to understand DNA for example then just Educated will do. My selections will differ from Randy's and yours because we are individuals and have different needs.

I have selected two sessions with D. Joshua Taylor because I like him and I know he will deliver on several of my reauirements.

I have chosen John Grenham to be educated on Ireland. I have his fat book at home so I know he knows his stuff. Hopefully I'll gain some insights for my forthcoming trip to Ireland.

Several sessions on DNA are in my schedule. This is an area where this scientifically illiterate person needs a lot of guidance. I'm listening to Bennett Greenspan because he is the DNA Guru.

Andrew Lee, who I've never heard of is going to teach me how to use Audacity. It's an app I've toyed with for about six years. I'm hoping to become competent at last.

We all know that my organisational ability is haphazard. Nancy Loe aka Sassy Jane has a job ahead of her in getting me to Manage my Digital Research Environment. (Did I say I like Librarians?)

The other person who is going to help me be better organised is Drew Smith (another Librarian).

I have realised that I haven't chosen Judy G Russell but that's ok because I will be interviewing her in the video studio - how's that for a catch?

I have steered clear of many software howtos and how to use your smartphone for genealogy  and the beginner sessions that are presenting stuff we heard at Rootstech in 2011, 2012 and other years. I also generally avoid presentations where a person who represents a commercial organisation is speaking about a topic related to a procuct or service to their company or organisation.

Of course I'm going to all of the General (Keynote) sessions to hear the famous people present. Well they may be famous in the US but they are a mystery to me! I have heard of Steve Rockwood, Familysearch CEO, and am keen to hear in which direction he is taking the organisation.. I look forward to hearing David Isay who I watched in a TED talk, his work is inspiring. I'll let you know what I think of the others after I hear them.

I'm also hoping to attend the Innovator Summit showdowns and register votes for my selections.

In addition to all this there will be lots of socialising a few video interviews and sofa chats.  I'm tired thinking about it.

Tell me - Which would you choose?


crgalvin said...

Sounds like you are on track for an interesting time, enjoy. 34°C here today, more pool than computer time.

GeniAus said...

Thought you'd approve of my librarian choices, Carmel. It's in the low 30s here but Farenheit!

Infolass said...

Hi Jill,

Enjoying all your posts already and looking forward to hearing all about Rootstech. Always bring back great memories and hope to get back one year. I don't think Curt B. Witcher is presenting, but if he were - I would choose this mega librarian - seeing you asked!
Enjoy, stay safe and warm.

GeniAus said...

Curt is way at the top of my list and fulfills all my criteria. I didn't see him on program. Shame.

GeniAus said...

Curt is way at the top of my list and fulfills all my criteria. I didn't see him on program. Shame.

Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

Last year my priority was anything DNA and some of my favourite bloggers or speakers though many were on the FGS program. I did miss one I really wanted to hear because I had no idea how popular a speaker he was, being unfamiliar with his name.


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