Friday, September 10, 2010

Follow Friday - Australian FamilySites - Newman

A Newman Family Tree
The first Australian FamilySite I have chosen for my Follow Friday Series is "A Newman Family Tree." Although the design of this site is dated and navigation is tricky it has a wealth of data with reference to numerous old documents. There is evidence of a depth of research.

Pasted below is the first draft of a rubric that I am developing to examine the Australian FamilySites that I highlight. I look forward to suggestions from readers on additions and amendments to this table.

Site URL

Site Name

A Newman Family Tree


Christopher John
Edwin Newman
Author's Contact Details

Last Updated

February 3, 2010
Age of Site

Appears to have been established in 2002.

Software Used Not stated.
Could be author's html site.

Persons in Database

" hundreds (thousands?) of names of people"
Time Span

11th Century to date

Index of names

Only for those with a dedicated webpage.

Prominent Surnames

Gregory, Newman, Paynter.

Password Protected Open Access except for living persons.

Details of Living Persons Supressed

Names but no further details given - need to apply for access.

Data Sourced

Page with list of sources and notes at end of individual pages.

Search Facility

Yes - using PicoSearch one can do a full-text search.


Attached to individual pages. There doesn't appear to be a separate index for photos and documents.




Static sidebar index to pages. Pages do not have individual addresses. There are links within pages.


Basic website design using frames, needs updating. The text rich pages appear busy.


Newman Family Information Exchange where the research interests of those who have
contacted Chris are displayed.

Dedication to the Father of the webmaster.


Judy Webster said...

Any particular reason why you decided to quote an email address, which is likely to change? And quoting an email address may, in some cases, defeat the Webmaster's use of encryption or images to reduce the amount of spam received via their Web site?

GeniAus said...

Judy, I quoted the email address so that people who want to contact the author might do so easily.

As I personally do not find Spam a problem with my, yahoo and gmail addresses, my website or blog I really didn't think of this issue. I guess that I am just lukcy.

Now that you have raised this issue I will give it some thought. My initial feeling is to publish the address if it is a live link on the website and refrain if it is not.


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