Saturday, September 18, 2010

Ten years ago - 18 September 2000

From my listserv post in 2000:

"I found the rules of volleyball and set off on Monday to the Sydney Entertainment Centre at Darling Harbour with a bag full of sandwiches and drinks to watch the women's volleyball. We had a great view from our $19 seats. Poor Australia, as the host nation, were able to field a team - we were outclassed by Brazil.  The Brazilian supporters were so colourful - a couple of hundred of them came in matching tshirts, with wigs, flags and other supporter stuff, one had a trumpet and played a fanfare whenever Brazil scored - many of the Aussies in the crowd also dressed for the occasion with facepaint, tshirts, flags and ridiculous hats.  It was a noisy, enthusiastic environment.  The second game - Cuba vs The Russian Federation was a nailbiter - it went to five sets (the maximum) and kept us on the edge of our seats.  it was interesting to note the coaching techniques employed by the teams - the Russian appeared to continually berate his girls whilst the Cuban seemed to encourage his girls - there were lots of hugs and high fives on that side.  I'd thoroughly recommend volleyball as a spectator sport."

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