Monday, September 20, 2010

Ten years ago - 20 September 2000

2000 - Listserv post 1:

It's Day 5 - 9.45 am on Wednesday and although I'm emotionally energised I'm physically exhausted. The weather in Sydney is picture perfect but it's spring and there are lots of pollens in the air and, as we haven't had any rain, lots of dust ... so my asthma has been acting up - the nebuliser is getting a real workout.

2000 - Listserv Post 2

The first game of basketball my son and I watched in the Dome at Olympic Park today was Senegal vs Brazil.  Senegal was outclassed by Brazil.  Once again the crowd was full of highly decorated Brazilians and a trumpeter (was he the one I saw at the volleyball or is the trumpet a national Brazilian instrument?)

US v. Russia
The pace really hotted up when the US and Russia hit the court.  I didn't know who to barrack for - I had an American gentleman on my left but he was outnumbered by the dozen boisterous flag-bearing Russians on my son's right. When the game started we were told that the teams were running equal first in their pool.  At half-time (is that what you call it?)  the Russians were leading by about 5 points and the mob on my right in their red and white Tshirts and caps were ecstatic.  What an exciting game it was with the score see-sawing between the teams.  In the last ten minutes one team lifted their game and got ahead of the others - the US were victorious winning by about 88 to 77(didn't write it down) and now lead their pool. I really liked number 9 - Lisa ??? and  number 5 a short, nimble player.  Number 13 scored lots of points. I could spend all day at Olympic Park observing the people - all shapes, sizes, races and ages together with TV crews on every corner interviewing and people positioning themselves for photos in front of the Olympic flame. Joie de vivre permeates the whole precinct.

2000 - Listserv Post 3:

 I'm done in after watching Team USA play Russia.  From my home (you'd call it a ranch) on the edge of Sydney we drive to a bus (7 mins) or train station (15 mins) and take the bus (40 mins) or train (15 mins) to Olympic Park.  The transport is very well organised - no private vehicles are allowed near the Olympic precinct...but there is at least a 25 min walk from the transport into the closest venue (if I'm going to a south venue I get a train or a north venue the bus otherwise the walk could be up to an hour!!)

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Carole Riley said...

I don't remember the dust but I do remember the Bogong moths!


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