Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ten years ago - 21 September 2000

From 2000 listserv posts:

Horror of horrors - there's thunder and rain here at my place.  I'm 30 km to the north of Olympic Park...and at Mum's place 15 km to the east there's light rain....so it must be raining at Olympic Park in between.

Jill and Mum to Badminton in Pavillion 3.  The Badminton was a surprisingly exciting game especially the doubles matches they were fast and furious with long rallies.  As Mum is anxious to get home she leaves before the games are over.
Table Tennis action

With Mr Geniaus to Table tennis at State Sports Centre.  We have a restricted view from our A seats.  We'd have been better off in the higher up B area. Home at 1:00 am

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