Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ten years ago - 19 September 2000

Geniaus and Daughter 1 to tennis at NSW Tennis Centre - Centre court. A marathon match between Magnus Norman and Pavel.  In the second match Venus Williams walks over Henrietta ?? We get home around 12:50 am.

Daughter 2 ready for work at the Tennis
My listserv post the next day:
" The first match was a 3 hr marathon - went to 10-8 in the third set with Magnus Norman (Sweden) defeating Andre Pavel - it was a closely fought match.  Although Venus Williams won her match against Henrietta from Slovakia last night 6-2 6-2 in about 50 mins  I was disappointed in her play - she knew she was going to win and didn't seem to extend herself.  I've been lucky enough to see her play at the Australian Open where she played like a real terrier going after every shot.  Last night she didn't run the ball down as she usually does.  It was interesting that Henrietta was sent off the court to change her shirt - she had one with the logo of a non-Olympic sponsor.  Venus was allowed to wear her Reebok gear - they are sponsors. The problem with attending these sessions is that one can't watch the highlights on TV - many people therefore bring walkmans to listen to radio commentary.  Last night each time Australia won gold in the pool a great cheer went up disturbing th quiet atmosphere in the tennis stadium. It was a docile crowd at the tennis - very few flags and decorated spectators - probably because the session was sold out long before the draw was announced and supporters from the countries represented had no access to tickets."

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