Saturday, September 11, 2010

Reaping Rewards

My policy of giving open access to the data on my family history website reaps huge rewards.

TNG, the software I use has a facility for visitors to the website to make comments.  This comment  I received today from a young Australian is typical of those that I get each week.

Comments: Hi. I found this page while searching the name of my great great grandmother. And I would just like to tell you that it's great!! Also it might just be a typo but you have ****** my great grandfather down as dying in 1973, I believe this should be 1983. As from what I know he died the same year as his son kevin a few years before I was born also you have two of *****  and ****** 's children down as living. Only one is still living my grandmother merleen. Mervyn *****  died on the 26th oct 1990. I know this is not much in the giant scheme of things and compared to the loads of information you have but I still hope that it is some help. Many thanks :) I learnt a few things about my family history that I didn't know before today.

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