Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ten years ago - 25 September 2000

From a 2000 listserv post:

Late night at Olympic Park
I'm also pleased to report that consumer patterns have influenced food prices at Olympic Park.  Most people have been bringing in food and drink because of exhorbitant prices.  Yesterday it was reported in the media that some prices had fallen.  Last night it was good to see that many of the slick professional price-lists in the food areas had original prices covered by crude hand-lettered revised lower prices.  Power to the people!!!  After dark Olympic Park looks like a circus with lots of bright lights - the supporters in their imaginative and patriotic outfits add to this atmosphere.  The best I saw was a German gentleman of about 80 with incredible bow-legs marching along proudly in his short lederhosen with a German flag flying from his backpack.  A group of young Aussies yelled "Good on yer mate" as he strode by. At the track we witnessed the medal ceremony for the women's marathon that had been run that morning.  I was listening to a radio commentary while watching - the commentator described the Japanese winner as "dimunitive and delcate with a broad grin" - she looked so young sweet and innocent - and did not fit my stereotype of a marathon runner.  She won the hearts of the crowd with her smile.

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