Monday, September 27, 2010

International Follow a Library Day - October 1st - Twitter

There have been a few tweets lately about the event #followalibrary day. Genealogists, please make sure you log onto Twitter that day and highlight those libraries that have supported your ancestor hunting. You can read about the day at the #followalibrary blog.

My dilemma is that some of the libraries I use, including my local library at Hornsby, do not tweet. "We promote our library events and activities through our @ account." I will name those libraries and give their URLs in a tweet.

Quite a number of genealogists who do not tweet may also wish to join in #followalibrary day by blogging about their favourite libraries - If you don't tweet how about joining up at

I'd like to suggest that Geneabloggers who #followalibrary also use the hashtag #genealogy so that we can promote those institutions who support our habit.

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