Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Genealogy Wise - Progress?

When GenealogyWise  a social networking site for genealogists, appeared on the scene I had high hopes for its usefulness to genealogists. I was similarly excited when Google announced their Wave product and set up an Australian Genealogists Wave. This product was even les popular with Australian Genealogists than GenealogyWise.

In my first post about this product in July 2009 I said "I, too, jumped on the Genealogy Wise bandwagon very early and have watched its amazing growth over the past couple of days."  I took the initiative and set up a group for Australian Genealogists as I found the site very UScentric. "I did a quick search for Australians who had joined the Genealogy Wise site (found 14) and invited them to join the group. As of this morning the group has 13 members."

In a followup post 12 months later I wrote "Activity from the 263 members of the Australian Genealogists  Group  is patchy. Some days there will be a few posts and sometimes a couple of weeks go by without any activity."

Since July only 8 more Australians have joined our group and only a handful of the 271 members have posted anything to the site. Is this because others, unlike me, have no resources or news of events to share with others and have no brickwalls that they want to demolish?

There are a number of products that enable genealogists to connect with others via the internet. These include the wonderful free Rootsweb Lists and subscription sites such as Ancestry and Genes Reunited, general products like Facebook and Twitter offer further free opportunities for communication and collaboration.

Australian Family History Societies and genealogy groups could use GenealogyWise to promote their events and organisations. In this post http://geniaus.blogspot.com/2010/07/genealogy-wise-first-twelve-months.html I discussed how individuals can benefit from membership.

Membership of this group need not be onerous - one can set the preference to have no notifications sent; one can just log in whenever one has a few spare minutes.

I believe that having an online presence pays off so would encourage all genealogists with internet access to join GenealogyWise.

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