Monday, September 6, 2010

War Memorials in NSW

In many towns and suburbs in New South Wales one can find War Memorials erected to honour the contributions of those who served their country.

On the Register of War Memorials in New South Wales website one can perform a search to find out if a particular person has been honoured on such a memorial. As this project has not yet been completed there ar many names missing. I could not locate my father, grandfather of some uncles but did find cousins listed.

To date there are 1619 War Memorials and 149,294 Veteran Names listed. A note on the site states "There are more than 3,000 war memorials in our State, and the NSW Government and the RSL (NSW Branch) are committed to documenting each of these memorials with care and respect. "

As this site grows it will become a very useful resource for family historians.

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