Monday, January 9, 2012


From time to time I carry on about Blogging being a two-way street and exhort blog readers to make comments on the posts they read.

Since I started watching the Blogger Stats for Geniaus in June 2009 a number of people have made comments on my posts, I thank you for joining in my conversation.  Today I noticed that 1,000 comments have been published (that is those that are not spam).

Thanks to Becky Jamison for my 1,000th comment "I was going to choose my classes today---I'll definitely be in this one! Thank you for the great post! on Rootstech News - International Panel: Genealogy 2.0".

Thanks to all my readers who regularly add comments. Please keep them coming.


Celia Lewis said...

Jill, do you count the comments on the Google+ setting plus the comments directly on your blog plus on Google Reader (for blogs) -? I've always wondered how bloggers can "see" all the ways of commenting. Cheers, and congratulations on hitting 1000!

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