Monday, January 30, 2012

Is is cold in Salt Lake City?

FootnoteMaven, asked on twitter this afternoon "To those who have arrived, how cold really,...... Need packing advice.

I cheekily replied that to an Aussie it is mighty cold. It really isn't too cold as there is no wind but I imagine that if there was it would be more than mighty cold.

This picture taken of a house at Park City, just outside Salt Lake City, today might help  FootnoteMaven  with her packing dilemma.


Louis Kessler said...

I'm leaving from Winnipeg on Wednesday morning and I'm looking forward to the balmy +5 degree celsius highs once I get to the great Salt Lake. I won't even need boots, gloves or a hat!

footnoteMaven said...

Thank you so! This post needs no translation. It looks like what I'm leaving. -fM

Amy Coffin, MLIS said...

Park City is at a higher elevation. There are no icicles in the city. It was in the 40's today. You should expect high teens all the way to the 40's in temperature range.


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