Thursday, January 12, 2012

Abundant Genealogy - Week 2 - Paid Online Genealogy Tools

Week 2 – Paid Genealogy Tools: Which paid genealogy tool do you appreciate the most? What special features put it at the top of your list? How can it help others with their genealogy research?

Horses for courses!

Having just read my mate Sharon Brennan's response to this question I could just copy and paste her response here because, on first thoughts the content in my post was going to echo hers. So I have thought for a few minutes and have decided on a different tack.

My paid subscriptions are: - I've had an annual subscription for years and cannot kick the habit as each time I think about letting it go they add new record sets that are pertinent to some part of my research.  It is the top level sub that gives me access to all Ancestry Records and has been useful for Australia, UK, Canada, New Zealand and the US. - I am also a longtime subscriber. As most of my ancestors came from the British Isles it is relevant to my research. I find it helpful that it duplicates some of the records on Ancestry and have found information on FMP transcriptions that Ancestry have missed.

I let my Genes Reunited sub lapse last year as I found that I was not making any new valuable connections through it. Around seven years ago when I joined up I made many useful connections but it has outlived its usefulness for me.

I regularly take out short-term subs to Scotland's People and The Sydney Morning Herald Archives when I have a good list of questions, some time on my hands and the ready cash.

My genealogy societies and local libraries give me access to other paid resources that I use on an as needs basis.

So Which paid genealogy tool do I appreciate the most?

It may be one of the resources listed above or it may be some other. The tool I appreciate the most is the one that gives me the answer I am presently seeking. 

Just like I wouldn't choose a sprinter for a two-mile race, a Shetland Pony to drag a heavy load, or a Shire horse for dressage I wouldn't choose the Sydney Morning Herald to find a Scottish birth Certificate or to find my Canadian soldier.

The horse I appreciate the most is the one that will get the best job done for me.


Sharon said...

Your comment, "the tool I appreciate the most is the one that gives me the answer I am presently seeking" reminds me of a comment made when I was purchasing a camera a few years ago. The salesman told me that the best camera was the one you happen to have with you when you need to take a photo.

Celia Lewis said...

Ditto Sharon's post and comment. I spend very little money (nothing like being broke to keep you creative!) on my genealogy addiction. The local library & resources, genealogical society library & resources, and Ancestry World is it. Plus short-term on whatever I am needing next. Great post.

Judy Webster said...

Jill, I agree. I often find people via FindMyPast that I cannot find in the same records on Ancestry. FMP's transcriptions are much more accurate. On the rare occasions when I have submitted a correction to FMP, they have fixed it within a day or two.

In my 'week 2' post I mentioned FindMyPast briefly, but I wrote in more detail about LostCousins.


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