Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Earth to Rootstech - Is anyone home?

As an Official Blogger I would like to to help out those folk who are making enquiries on the Rootstech Facebook Page about when the schedule of classes for the Conference will be published. Since December 24th, 2011 a few genies have posted questions in this vein to the page and there has been no response from the organisers.

Last year's conference was a HUGE success but one of the frustrations was only getting the schedule on arrival at the Conference and having to select sessions on the run without adequate time to plan the best use of one's time. We were promised that this would be addressed in 2012.

I am a great advocate of Rootstech but, like others attending the conference, would love to hear schedule details. Please, Rootstech Organisers, monitor and respond to the comments on your Facebook Page.

1 comment:

Audrey Collins said...

I agree, Jill. It's only a month to go after all. Now that Christmas is over maybe Santa can spare some elves to help out with the schedule :-)


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