Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Child Neglect

When a new child comes along the older siblings are forced, for a time, to take second, third, fourth or fifth place according to the size of the family.

This has happened with the family of Geniaus' blogs. I have totally neglected Genimates, a blog born after Rootstech 2011, that had a significant readership and that was well received by those readers. I am eflecting on my goals for 2012

  Connect, Learn, Share. 

The Genimates blog, Genealogists profiles from all over the place,  allows me to connect with other genealogists, learn from them and share information about other genealogists, their research and practice. I have a list of genealogists that I have asked to submit a profile for  Genimates , some have ignored me and others have responded with submissions that contain great stories. I have a couple of profiles up my sleeve and  will be approaching more  Genimates  in the next few days so that I can add to my bank of profiles.  If you feel that you would be able to submit a profile please contact me with your email address and I will send you details. I am committed to posting more Genimates profiles in 2012.

Genimates is a site that highlights individuals, it is not a site for advertising commercial operations. At Genimates you can meet people just like you.

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