Monday, January 9, 2012

Klout and Google+

I am trying to understand exactly how Klout measures influence on Google+ and how those measurements can be accurate.

In spite of other genealogists warning that Klout is evil I have stayed connected to the service. I have it linked to my Facebook, Google+ and Twitter accounts. I was amazed to learn on my return from a recent holiday, when I was inactive on my linked accounts, that my Klout scores had risen considerably! Perhaps silence is golden.

Surprisingly Klout indicates that I have most influence on Facebook, the tool of the three I have linked that I use least. 

I like Google+ because it allows me to create circles for people with common interests that I can target with relevant posts. I rarely make a public post as to me this is not what Google+ is about. I think that, as users become more familiar with organising their circles, the number of public posts will decrease further. Russell Holly in September on said "Public posting is going to decrease organically as more users learn the service and begin to circle users and post to just those circles."
From Jill Ball - Klout Profile - 9/1/2012

I am wondering how many of my genealogy and other contacts on Google+ make Public Posts and how many target their posts to particular circles. Very few I should imagine. Are they using Klout to measure their Google+ influence?

My profile on Klout indicates that I have absolutely no influence on Google + although I post daily, receive a number of +1s, shares and comments.

Yet Klout measures for influence on Google+ appear to only be for only Public Posts. On November 22nd the Official Klout Blog said "We measure influence on Google+ by analyzing public posts."

I can't fathom how Klout measures for Google+ influence can be accurate if they ignore a large proportion of Google+ posts.

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