Thursday, January 5, 2012

How soon is very soon?

I think someone from Rootstech must have read my blog post, Earth to Rootstech - Is anyone home?
There is now a new post on the Rootstech Facebook Page "The countdown to RootsTech 2012 is on! We have seen that a lot of you are anxious to know when the daily schedule will be posted. We will have that posted on the website very soon and will let you all know when it is ready."

My next question is "How soon is very soon? 

I know it is difficult to schedule such a huge event but we speakers had to submit our syllabuses a couple of months ago - it's not as if the information about classes came in yesterday.

In addtion to selecting the classes I wish to attend I would like to know when and where I am presenting at the conference. My Powerpoint presentations are nearly ready to go but I can't finish them off until I can add the dates of my presentations to them!

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