Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Be there or be square!

Conference goers regularly say that they get a lot of value from the networking opportunities that conferences offer.

I just took another look at the list of "Who'll be at Rootstech?" Thomas MacEntee has put together at Geneabloggers. It includes many of my genealogy idols and geneabloggers that I admire.

I have heard people who live a lot closer than I saying that Salt Lake City is a long way to travel for a conference. Where else would you get an opportunity to meet this amazing group of people for a registration fee of $149 (if you register before January 13th)? For me Salt Lake City is only a 20 hour air trip away mostly on the Flying Kangaroo - it will be worth every minute it takes to get there.

As well as meeting such interesting fellow genealogists at Rootstech there is a fairly comprehensive program of lectures on offer.

PS.  If you're heading to Rootstech and are not on the Geneabloggers list please add your details in a comment on the post.


Sharon said...

Each time you make a post about Rootstech, I become more jealous. I think this year I will have to see if I can attend some of the sessions for those of us who are at home.

Helen V Smith said...

I am also jealous and please post lots of info for us.I also want to attend some sessions from home. Hopefully they will be at times I can make. Unfortunately my boss has strange ideas about me attending during work time or sleeping at work because I stayed up to watch something at 2am.

GeniAus said...

Sorry, ladies. The purpose of the post was not to make Aussie readers jealous but to indicate to our mates in the Northern Hemisphere what a wonderful opportunity they have on their doorstep.

Audrey Collins said...

I usually get all the attention for having travelled furthest (from London) to get to US conferences, but when it comes to Rootstech, you have me beat, Jill! Your journey makes me look like a commuter by comparison.

Of course I have the advantage of not having to negotiate with a spouse, or arrange for any pets, offspring grannies etc to be looked after, which helps.

See you soon in SLC - can hardly wait!

Anonymous said...

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