Friday, March 4, 2011

6:00 am start with Myrt

I detest early mornings but couldn't resist rising early yesterday for DearMyrtle's webinar, More Blogging for Beginners.

As I have been blogging since 2003 I am not a beginner blogger but I believe that you can always teach an old dog new tricks and that was the case with yesterday's webinar.

I commend Myrt for conducting live demonstrations as well as having a selection of powerpoint slides. Watching a live demonstration of a software application makes for a more meaningful learning experience than seeing screen dumps on powerpoint slides. Myrt and her host/offsider, Geoff Rasmussen from Legacy, worked well as a team to present a professional, informative session in a friendly atmosphere.

As a result of the session:
* I reflected on my blogs and realised that it is time to update the template on this blog so that I can have tabs, twesk column widths and add a print friendly button. I have done this with my new blog, Genimates, but need to work on Geniaus.
* I learnt about great tools from Print Friendly.
* I learnt about disclosure statements, a requirement in the US. I think it would be good if Australian bloggers had these on their blogs.

This webinar provided me with such a valuable esperience that I will be rising at 5:00 am next week for Myrt's Blog Tweaking Workshop Webinar. Will I see you there?

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