Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Webinars - Online Learning Opportunities

Living in Australia we are precluded from seeing and hearing many international speakers in the flesh unless we are lucky enough to be able to travel to events like Rootstech and WDYTYA Live.

In recent months I have taken part in a number of free webinars on Google, DNA, FamilySearch and Blogging. I have been able to take part in these sessions from the comfort of my kitchen table and wearing my night attire. Although some of these events, that are aimed primarily at US users, are in the early hours of the morning (Australian time) they have made leaving my bed at dawn worthwhile. I have heard from speakers who will probably never make the journey downunder and have gained new perspectives and understandings on topics related to genealogy. 

Webinars present a unique opportunity for Australians to seek learning beyond our shores. 

I was lucky enough to attend the recent Rootstech Conference where webinars were a hot topic of conversation. There was also a Roundtalble discussion on Virtual presentations.

As a result of those discussions, American Genealogist, DearMYRTLE, took the initiative to set up a blog, Geneawebinars, "a calendar and blog devoted exclusively to coordinating online genealogy seminars." Full details about this most useful site can be found in the introductory post.  A calendar on the site lists in various views the details of forthcoming presentations. Some of these are free, some have a small cost attached but these costs are minimal.

March Geneawebinars Calendar
Now that we have webinars it doesn't matter if we live in Bourke, Brewarrina or Bondi we can all have access to world  class learning opportunities. Thanks, Myrt for making it easy for us to connect with Webinars via Geneawebinars.

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A O'Brien said...

Thanks Geniaus. I have subscribed to the Geneawebinars blog, and hope to virtually attend one of them some day soon.


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