Thursday, March 10, 2011

Over 1000 Viewings of New Baby

She's just over a month old, has had nearly 1200 views, been nominated for an award and has had her share of positive comments. So I guess my new blog, GeniMates, is progressing steadily.

25 people have visited and liked Genimates Facebook Page, I would be thrilled if this number could double in the next month.

I have invited around 30 people to submit profiles for the blog and have only had around a dozen responses so I need to invite more people before I run out of profiles to post. I have tried to target a few people who aren't active in the blogasphere and I wonder if, when they get my invitation to take part, they think that I am some spurious character who is trying to get them to divulge their personal information.
I am also trying to have a mix of nationalities and both hobbyists and professionsals but, as I can't control the order in which responses arrive, this is proving difficult. Until the blog becomes more recognised  and I build up a bank of profiles to post the mix will be haphazard.

I wold love to hear of suggestions for people to profile, particularly those who don't have a strong online presence. It could be an office bearer of a local  society, a volunteer at the local library or someone who is doing a great job indexing records. It would be great to recognise some quiet achievers. I have developed an online form in Google Docs that I ask profilees to complete but can send a hard copy along to anyone who is not comfortable filling in a form online.

In addition to the GeniMates profiles I will, from time to time, do short posts on people I come across at genealogy conferences and events.

It's early days yet but I am pleased to report that the baby is making steady progress.


Anonymous said...

That reminds me, I must fill in the form for you. I haven't forgotten, honest!

GeniAus said...

Thanks, John. Need some entries from the Mother Country!


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