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Who is our relative the aboriginal footballer?

Who is our relative the aboriginal footballer? a question a cousin of mine who is not into genealogy asked in an email yesterday.

Arthur Henry Beetson
I replied that Arthur Henry "Big Artie" Beetson is a second cousin of our mothers who are sisters. My mother's grandmother Harriet Magick is the sister of Artie's grandmother Bridget Ann Magick .

Over the years quite a few of the descendants of Bridget's parents, my convict ancestor James Magick and his wife Bridget Ann Hayward (who was born in the colony), have written asking me if I knew if we had aboriginal ancestry. Various older family members had been told that they had an aboriginal ancestor but no-one has any proof. Aboriginal ancestry was often swept under the carpet in years gone by.

People have written to me:
  • " I am curious to know if you know of any Aboriginality in the Magick family?" 
  • *"I have found a Robert Hayward, who had a daughter Sarah,  to Biddy Segeant. According to papers I have, Biddy is listed as a native. I thought that the Aboriginal  link may have come in here, through Bridgett Ann Haywood, who married James Magick, but it seems to me that Bridgett Ann Hayward has no direct link to Biddy Sergeant" 
  • *My great aunt, Maggie Hoy who died at age 104 years old, always said that there was Aboriginal ties through the Magicks." 
  • Can you please comment on this request? Comment re possible aboriginal ancestry of xxx and xxx

My theory is that Bridget Ann Hayward's mother was the aboriginal named Biddy Sargeant. Her father Robert Hayward, a convict, fathered a child Sarah Hayward with Biddy in 1834, Bridget was born 4 years earlier in 1830. It has been reported by various family members that the aboriginal line comes from Bridget so that makes me think that Bridget's natural mother was Biddy Sargeant.

It seems that Robert did not hook up with his future wife, Ann Blake, until around 1840. They had a son Robert who was born in 1841 and a daughter, Lenore. Ann Blake is recorded as Bridget's mother on Ann's death certificate but this could have been because Bridget had been living with her father and Ann Blake. 

When I worked on this family line many years ago I wasn't too careful about recording sources so my records on this line are patchy. I think it's time to revisit this line and record the sources for some of the information I have.

I am sure, however, that Big Artie is a relation of mine.


Sharon said...

This has given me an idea for a post. What TV personality are you related to? Think of crows!

GeniAus said...

I'm thinking of crows ?????

Sharon said...

Think of In Melbourne Tonight.

John said...

A bit late, but I only just caught up on my regular rounds of the geneasphere. Anyway, from memory, some of the Aboriginal Magick's are aware of their genealogical ties to a European side.

My curiousity was spiked when I met Fleur Magick a few years back and she mentioned being related to Artie. She lived out at Orange or Dubbo I think. I was in the Blue Mountains at the time.


mich said...

"Ann Blake is recorded as the mother on Bridget's birth certificate but this could have been because Bridget had been living with her father and Ann Blake."

You are a bit off the rails there, because Bridget ( born about 1830 ) didn't have a birth certificate. Nobody did, before 1856.

GeniAus said...

Thanks Mich - that was a typo. It was on Ann Blake's death certificate that she was recorded as Bridget's mother. I will correct blog post.

Leonie Mijatovic said...

I am also a descendent from Bridget Hayward and James Magick, Daughter Emma is my line. I have a Question please. How can I find out information on Biddy, I am unsure were to start or by chance does anyone know anything and would be happy to share. My mother was told of our aboriginal link when she married in 1954. I would be grateful for any help.

GeniAus said...

Leonie, That is the million dollar question. If only I knew how to find information on Biddy I'd be a very happy old girl.

Faren gardiner said...

My lineage is also through Emma Magick to the Gardiner side.
I know of two people in the family who had/have some photos and information going a fair way back.I'm lead to believe Bridgets mother was a full blood Aboriginal/Tores Strait Islander.

Anonymous said...

do you know how I can get in touch with Faren Gardiner? I am another distant relative. I would really appreciate it if some one could help me with this. Thanks. Donna.

Unknown said...

Hi Faren
I am a descent of Bridget Ann. I am trying to trace our Aboriginality. I am keen to find out what information you have.

Unknown said...

I am from the James magick line. My name is Karen Magick. Goto to the Facebook page. Descendants of James Magick. And u see a several family trees that pin point the aboriginal line.

Dani said...

Do you think you could share these photos and information with me? I am on the same line as you gardiner side :)

GeniAus said...

Not sure which photos you mean Dani. I must try to contact Faren to see what infor they have.

GeniAus said...

I'm wondering if any of you have taken DNA tests - I have had a few Magick matches through my tests.

Simon Triplett said...

Hi Jill. I am also a descendent of Bridget Ann Hayward through the Ethalinda Magick line. I'm also trying to trace the Aboriginality in my family back to Bidie Sergeant. If you've got any information I'd be greatly appreciative. My email is Thank you!

Gillian said...

Hi Simon, I am also a descendant of Bridget Hayward and James Magick from their son also named James Magick who married Mary Elizabeth Mills. Did you find any history on Bridget? I only found the GeniAus site which has....

Hayward Bridget Ann [1, 2, 3]
Born Abt 1830 Greenbar, Coonabarabran, NSW, Australia Find all individuals with events at this location [4, 5]
Birth place could be Mobalah, Coonabarabran
Gender Female
Name Ann Bridget Hayward
Name Bridget Ann Haywood
Name Bridget Ann Magick
Died 15 Oct 1872 Buddenbela, Cobbora, NSW, Australia Find all individuals with events at this location [4, 6]
Cause: Childbirth
Buried 17 Oct 1872 Buddenbela, Cobbora, NSW, Australia Find all individuals with events at this location [4]
I believe that Bridget was d/o Biddy Sargeant (Native)
11 of Bridget's children surviving at this date.

Anonymous said...

My name is Terry Blanch, my Paternal G/F was James Purcell Blanch b abt 1901 in Cassilis, NSW. He married Alice Rita Eileen(Ethelinda) Ross, also of Cassilis, in Gulgong, in 1924.Alice was the daughter of Christopher Ross and Ethelinda Martha Magick. Ethelinda was the daughter of James Magick and Bridget Ann(Ann Bridget) Hayward.
Hayward( she was born at Greenbar Creek-Castlereagh River-Binnaway in 1830), was the “daughter” of Robert Hayward(a ToL Convict) and Biddy Sergeant( Full blood Wiradjuri Woman !)


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