Friday, March 11, 2011

Follow Friday - Blogs - Springwood Historians

SPRINGWOOD HISTORIANS - established in 2000, are a non-profit making group of independent researchers with a special interest in the social history of the Springwood district – its people, their activities and achievements, their homes, occupations and their place in the history of the wider world.

Springwood, NSW
 I became aware of their blog ( shortly after it was launched in January 2011."The aim of the blog is to disseminate (as well as gather) information to anyone interested in public history...."

Although I only have vague connections with the Springwood area I am enjoying the articles posted on this blog.  Anyone with connections in the Lower Blue Mountains should be reading this blog.

There is a variety of illustrated and well constructed articles on topics such as:

To date there have only been 32 articles posted. As more are added this blog will become an extremely useful resource for  genealogists with roots in the area. If other Australian historical and genealogical societies followed the lead of SPRINGWOOD HISTORIANS and published similar blogs we could have a wealth of  knowledge about our country's history in the public domain.

The blog is visually appealing and uncluttered, I do hope the cloudy background is an image from the Springwood area. I like the positioning of the Google search bar that has been placed prominently just below the header so that visitors can quickly gain access to pertinent articles. The articles are tagged with relevant labels, it would be helpful, however, if those articles that are part of a series could have a tag describing the series eg Early Residents, World War Two.

I congratulate Springwood Historians on this resource and commend it to all with an interest in the Springwood area or with a curiousity for Australian history.

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Carole Riley said...

Thanks for unearthing this one for us Jill!


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