Saturday, March 26, 2011

We got ready and Googled

My Google account got a great workout today when I presented "Get Ready to Google" at the Society of Australian Genealogists  Richmond Villa in Sydney.

Richmond Villa
 It's always rewarding to talk to an enthusiastic group who ask lots of questions. Today's group excelled in this area. Gold stars go to Malcolm and Joan whose questions (some very curly) and comments made today's session a truly collaborative one.I was pleased that, at the end of the session, some of the attendees were going home to play with Google and apply their new learnings. One lady was worried that she might not get any sleep tonight!

Presentation Outline

A couple of the people present asked me if I would be willing to talk at their local societies. I am happy to do so. On the Presentations page of my blog I have listed some suggested topics but I can also tailor talks to suit the needs of individual audiences. 


Carole Riley said...

Glad the talk went well Jill!

Thomas MacEntee said...

Sounds like a great presentation and I'm glad it was so well received - so when do we see you teaching a webinar?


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